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9/22 Marlins @ Braves

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Just now, SongInTheAir said:

No one. We need two shortstops because Mattingly used analytics and found a new shift.

Did you know that the catcher is the only fielder allowed to be in foul territory before a pitch?

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Just now, Espresso said:

I hope we don't bring back Chisholm

Jazz will be fine, next year.

It's been a bad year for a vast majority of rookie hitters this season. Bohm, Robert, Cronenworth have been exceptions, that's it.

I think given a little more minor league time in a normal season next year, these guys will be better - too much talent for them all to properly suck.

Just my opinion and hope, anyways.

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Just now, el_gmac said:

I’m sure there’s a better choice than Ozuna you fan girls like to live in the past 

No, I just want a proper catcher to handle our pitching staff.

I can take it or leave it with Ozuna.

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