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Harold Ramirez DFA


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I think everyone liked Harold and we all thought he could contribute more and we all wished he got more opportunities to prove that but really, he was acquired to be a transitional piece and was never meant to be a long term solution for the Marlins. In some ways we didn't get enough from him but in some ways we got plenty out of him and that transitional period is ending. We're ready to consistently contend and so right now the answers in the outfield are a mix of veteran free agents and talented prospects who will hopefully become stars. Harold Ramirez no longer fit into the puzzle for anything more than Triple A level depth. Fingers crossed he sticks in the organization to assume that depth role but I can't see him going unclaimed.

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18 minutes ago, SirFishFan said:

Not necessarily. 

The Marlins could definetely have done way worse that starting Ramirez.. See 2020 season, for example.

And we remediated that a bit by getting Marte, removing Joyce and adding Duvall.

As it is right now, if he was one of our starting outfielders, then, yes.

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2 minutes ago, Iowa said:

I really would have liked to seen what he could have done when he got back from injury last year. Definitely could have used him. Is a shame he got re-injured so quickly

COVID list then immediate leg injury first game back. A shame.

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