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Ryan Jorgensen's Journal - August 10, 2005


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August 10, 2005


well hello everyone. been a long time. as you all know i have changed uniforms and now i'm a marlin. very exciting to say the least. with the year i was having i didn't think anything positive would happen anytime soon. haha. guess i was wrong. i was ecstatic when i heard the news, with the first person i called being my father. it was a whirlwind from there. i was in sacramento getting ready to take batting practice when i received the news. i had a flight a few hours later and rushed to the hotel to pack up, and then it was off to the airport. i went from there to vegas, where i had a 2 hour layover. so, i decided to gamble away 20 dollars in a wheel of fortune slot machine - my sister has always had good luck in those, so i figured i might as well try it out, but i lost. i then left at 11:30 and flew to cincinnati where i arrived at 6:15 in the morning. grabbed a cab to the hotel, checked in, and managed to get a little over an hour of sleep there.


so it was my first day in the big leagues. was i nervous ? damn right i was. haha. i pretty much followed aguila, treanor, and messenger around since i had played with them before and they were rookies also. i sat on the bench and watched the d-train mow down the reds' batters. i talked with a few of the guys on the team, but not too much - just kept quiet since i was the new kid.


my parents and one of my best friends came up to visit me in denver. i think they arrived sometime during the middle of the first game. i talked with them for a little bit after the first game, but i had to hurry up and grab something to eat since i had to warm up ish for the 2nd game. that game didn't go as well as i had hoped, but what else can you do when you draw byung yung kim for your debut ? haha. i really wasn't as nervous as i thought i was going to be. i was more nervous during the double switch in the first game than i was starting the 2nd game. i guess because the crowd wasn't that big, plus i had caught ish before in his rehab start down in AAA.


now i'm back in miami, and about to head to get something to eat with treanor and then it's off to the field. dolphins stadium is huge by the way. i can't imagine what it looked like during the world series with all those seats filled up. don't think i'll be up here much long since delgado looks to come off the DL in a few days. but, my short trip was enjoyable none-the-less.


ok, so i have to hurry up and shower and get out of here before i run out of time. just thought i'd write y'all real quick and say hello. give me a shout if you see me !!

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