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Beckett and Lowell traded to Red Sox


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SC just reported it.. FW Star Telegram too


Peter Gammons confirmed sources telling him:

Josh Beckett

Mike Lowell




SS Hanley Ramirez

RHP Anibal Sanchez

one other minor league pitcher to be named later


* trade is pending physicals





Hanley Ramirez......................................................................... Anibal Sancez

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Ive accepted its time to rebuild, Beckett was always good here but I think hes somewhat overrated because of the injuries. We still have a high quality staff and now a decent amount of money has been freed up. The prospects we got in return could easily turn into the next Dontrelle and Miggy.

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Guest FishFanInPA

I'm disgusted that we just shipped out a 25-year old ace who was making less than half of what Lowell was making...just to dump Lowell.


This one is going to hurt for awhile...



Great point....this ownership sucks ass.

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Will Ramirez start at SS for us next season?


Might as well. The Fish will save even more money with out Alex.


If this is all the "firesale" is than we might still be in good shape.


1B - Delgado

2B - Castillo

SS - Ramirez


C - LoDuca

RF - Hermida

LF - Conine

CF - ?


SP - DTrain

SP - Vargas

SP - Olsen

SP - Johnson

SP - ?

Not a chance. Delgado is as good as gone--and LoDuca

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