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Four Fish Out the Door (Nobody Big)


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I doubt any of them will be resign most of them have seen the end of the road...I am a little surprised by Hoover our organization is not that deep in the catching area...well neither in outfielders... but an experienced good defensive catcher to work with upcoming prospects is a huge commodity. Think "Bull Durham" He also serves the need of someone who can be called up when needed for defensive depth. That is important considering our 3rd catcher is either Willy or Jake.

I like Cepicky and Woods great guys that really give 200% all the time Good luck guys!

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Just noticed this on Baseball America's transaction wire:


Florida Marlins

C Paul Hoover elected for free agency

OF Matt Cepicky elected for free agency

RHP Jim Brower elected for free agency

SS Jason Wood elected for free agency


No big losses there.




You're serious?

why wouldnt he be serious?

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