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What is wrong with Hendrickson?

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That was absolutely one of the worst starts I have seen all year by a Marlins pitcher. This comes two starts after Hendrickson was tagged for 10 ER.


As I noted in the title, he hasn't allowed less than four ER since 5/25.


1. On 5/25, he gave up 5 ER.


2. 5/25 was like two weeks ago.


3. He's still been terrible lately. Hendrickson's last four starts:


vs. Cin: 2.1 IP, 5 ER, 5H, 3 BB, 3HRA, 4K

@ Atl: 6 IP, 4 ER, 9 H, 2 BB, 2K

@ Phi:3.2 IP, 10 ER, 7 H, 3 BB, 2 HRA, 1 K

vs. SF: 5 IP, 5 ER, 9H, 2 BB, 1 HRA, 5K


He shouldn't be replaced immediately, but if this continues for a couple more starts (like 2) the Marlins need to look elsewhere.

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He and Badenhop should switch roles.

Badenhop is young and has potential...

Hendrickson is a veteran, and would help out throwing innings out of the pen, if necessary. Plus, he adds another lefty to the pen...something different.


I'd much rather see a young pitcher struggle through some growing pains, than to watch Hendrickson struggle.

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If Badenhop pitches well the rest of this game, they might swap roles for the time being....especially since there's only one lefty in the pen.


Agreed. I say give him one more start and if he struggles, make the switch. I'm usually not trigger happy with the starters but in the case of Hendrickson the move should be made. It adds another leftie to the bullpen while adding a righty to the rotation. Three lefties is too many to have in a rotation, especially when two of them aren't hard throwers.


If the move is made, we'd be looking at this:


1. Olsen

2. Tucker

3. Miller

4. Nolasco

5. Badenhop


If Tucker pans out and Badenhop is able to regroup, then that rotation should do for the time being until the return of JJ and Anibel.

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I'd rather put a rookie out there instead of Hendrickson if this is the best he will be for the rest of the season. At first, the rookie may have an ERA over 5 like Mark does, but at least with a rookie, with experience and learning, might put up better numbers in the long run...


Promising rookie>crappy veteran

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