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3/29 moves


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how is his defense at first?


For some reason there seems to be a ton of disagreement about this. Some say he's terrible (though I've never seen that from a scout), some say he's average, and some say he's pretty good. He actually won the Southern League Gold Glove at 1B during his 2008 MVP season.

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Congrats to Gaby and I think that Strickland will be up at sometime this season. Logan just never got healthy this spring, I truly feel he'll be the long term solution at 1b, just not right now.



I read that Stricland would probably hang them up if he didn't make the club. Apparently he makes better money as a repo man than in the minors.

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Hayden Penn was placed on waivers today and Pittsburgh claimed him.


Co-incidentally this article appeared regarding Pittsburgh's struggling with their own roster and having too many players (including John Raynor who they took from the Marlins in the Rule 5 draft and cannot be sent down, rather must be offered back to the Fish) and so I thought this was worth a read if you think we can turn Hayden Penn into a potential trade...



Jaramillo could be sent to minors



Monday, March 29, 2010


PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- The Pirates believe Jason Jaramillo has the potential to be more than just a backup catcher.


That's great news for Jaramillo in the long run, but it could be bad news for him this season. When spring training ends Saturday, there's a chance Jaramillo could be back at Triple-A Indianapolis.


Management doesn't want Jaramillo, who played 63 games last season, to get stale sitting on the bench in Pittsburgh. At Indy, he would gain more experience by playing every day.


"It's out of my hands, so I try not to think about it," Jaramillo said Sunday. "It's nice to hear they think I could be a starter, but I want to be in the big leagues now."


If Jaramillo is sent to the minors, Erik Kratz would become the backup catcher behind Ryan Doumit.


"It's going to be disappointing for (Jaramillo) to no longer be at the big-league level," general manager Neal Huntington said. "But at the same time, it shows our belief in him."


Jaramillo isn't the only one whose status is up in the air this week. The Pirates face potentially sticky decisions on position players John Raynor, Brandon Moss, Jeff Clement and Ramon Vazquez.


Huntington said those other roster choices will influence Jaramillo's fate.


"Do we have an open spot because of injuries or other roster moves, so that (demoting Jaramillo) becomes essentially a painless move?" Huntington said. "Is is important enough to do that we risk losing a player because of a waiver claim? Do we have to trade somebody to make that happen?"


Huntington, manager John Russell and infield coach Carlos Garcia all have indicated they'd be comfortable with Clement as the Opening Day first baseman.


Clement, a former catcher, is new to first base, but has done a decent job defensively this spring. Yesterday, he hit a homer, his second this spring, in the Pirates' 8-2 loss against the Tampa Bay Rays.


If Clement sticks, then Garrett Jones starts in right field and Ryan Church remains the fourth outfielder. That also would mean the Pirates won't keep both Moss and Raynor unless they go north with a six-man bench and a short-handed bullpen.


Moss already lost his starting job and has been stuck in a deep batting funk all spring. Yet, he is out of minor-league options, and the Pirates would almost surely lose Moss if they put him on waivers.


Raynor is a Rule 5 pickup and would have to be offered back to the Florida Marlins for $25,000 if the Pirates don't keep him on the 25-man roster. The Marlins do not seem willing to work out a trade which would let the Pirates keep Raynor and send him to the minors.


Huntington is considering using a six-man bench, at least for the first two or three weeks of the season. The Pirates have three off days in that span, lessening the need for a fifth starter and, theoretically at least, easing the load on the bullpen.


Vazquez, a backup infielder, could be the odd man out. The Pirates are willing to listen to trade offers. As a last resort, the Pirates could release him and be on the hook for his $2 million salary. If he signs with another team, the Pirates would be responsible for $1.6 million.



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Guest Guest

It would be idiotic to have McClung and Veras to make the team and have Strickland just hang it up. He pitched well enough to make the squad and be given one chance perform.

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It would be idiotic to have McClung and Veras to make the team and have Strickland just hang it up. He pitched well enough to make the squad and be given one chance perform.


Agreed. At least based on Spring Training stats, I'd prefer Strickland over both guys. But hey, we gotta have someone in the bullpen to make our stomachs turn when he comes in to pitch, I guess.

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Spring training stats don't count for much. The coaches go more on what they see. You can agree or disagree with that, but obviously the coaches think the NRIs still in camp have better stuff than Strickland. I can't comment too much more because, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see Strickland pitch this spring. But I have seen Veras and I am not impressed with what he brings to the table, FWIW.

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