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4/23 Post Game


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Explain the boner screw up



Took a bad route to a ball that ended up being a double. Not as much of a big deal that some are making it out to be, as it would've been a tough play had he got there faster.


Like I said, Hanley not hitting cost the team.

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Prob won't make a difference but I wouldn't mind seeing them move Hanley to leadoff just to shake things up, maybe it would change his approach or something, who knows.










3rd base




That's terrible, dude.

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Bonifacio misplayed a ball, but the bottom line is pretty simple.


I said it at the beginning of the year; our offense just isn't that great. If Hanley doesn't start hitting the ball, this is the worst offense we've had in awhile. This team was put together, under the assumption that Hanley would do his thing, offensively. Hanley was really the only sure thing this offense had coming into the season, and he's been the worst player on the team, 19 games in. Still, the team is 12-7.


He HAS TO start hitting the ball, though.

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