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4/16 post game

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nice to see them put a couple of big innings together. JP, Dobbs, Ruggs, all nice games, & Hech with the big shot. JP really needed a game like this, maybe that'll get him going.


Sanabia still seems to be proving the doubters wrong (myself included). Will be interesting to see once Eovaldi and Alvarez come back, who goes down.


sounds like Mahoney may be up tomorrow. Stanton's a possibility. Would be nice to take a series!

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Almost gave up on that game after the 1st inning. Wanna be a small ball team, yet with a speedster on 1st with one out, he gets a huge jump twice and both hitters behind him pop it up with less than 2 strikes?? Situational hitting guys!!!


Great to get a win. But they have to play the game this team is "built" to play. More like later in the game when JP stole 2nd and 3rd, then scored.

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Wait why did that change from we. bad. news. bears.?


Cause Admin got sick of it.


I had a dream we played an 11 inning game against the Angels and won 31-27 :| Joe Mahoney hit two grand slams, and everyone else had a bunch of solo dingers. Maybe Mahoney hits two grand slams tonight!

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I have no creativity.


This reminds me of a throwback from the site



"I have no creativity."


It's ok guys, no need to announce your flaws.Abuse of power! Taking away my first amendment.


You have the right to remain silent- exercise it.




I plead the second.

*pulls out Desert Eagle*

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