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How realistic is it....

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That Jack Mckeon would take over as manager. On a serious note, how confident are we that Mckeon can operate the team at his age?


I honestly have a gut feeling Red will be fired soon, even though I am one of the select few that doesn't place the majority of the blame on him. However, I am all in favor of an organization having new leadership when guys are just not mustering up confidence and productivity is stale, not only in baseball but in life.


That being said, I don't think that the hothead from New York is necessarily the answer to our problems. I question the validity of his leadership style among the guys on our team and guys in the big leagues for that matter. It is hit or miss, his type "x" managing style could either bring out the best in our guys for an extra push, or make things 10 times worse than they already were. I have a hard time seeing guys like Stanton responding well to that type of management and could see it playing out like Hanley and Freddy Gonzales.


Who do you think would be the best fit? Wally? Redmond? Mckeon?



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If the options were Redmond, Backman, or McKeon, I'd honestly say Redmond and he's made me punch a wall several times as it is. I said this last night... the majority of this team played damn well under Redmond over the last two seasons. I highly doubt they're suddenly playing poorly because of Redmond. Or at least to the degree that replacing Redmond will suddenly lead to instant success. It just makes zero sense even if you think Redmond is horrendous.



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It must be nice to be a fan of a team that uses statistics in its scouting and not strict name recognition and past results. That being said, with the players this team has, the best manager in the world would probably have this team at 5-9 or so. Redmond is an awful manager, one of the worst I have ever seen, but he is not the reason the team has won three of fourteen games.



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