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Ah-seop Son


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He'll be posted this week. Maybe the fish should make a bid? Potential replacement for Ozuna. Doesn't really hit for power but I like those strikeout numbers ( he hardly ever Ks).  He gets on base at a nice clip.


I'd prefer a power bat but an idea since the fish are considering the likes of Fowler anyway



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I'd be all for it.  He really does seem like a Nori Aoki type, who they've been comparing him to.  I would assume it's a safer bet to expect a decent translation of on base ability as opposed to power.  Slap hitters usually have the right approach at the plate that keeps them out of trouble.  And I say slap hitter loosely since it's not like he didn't hit for at least some power overseas.  Any idea how much he might go for given the relatively few comps?



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Why not? Price?


Yeah, I don't see the point because of the price...and because he's really not much better than Ozuna...honestly he's probably not any better at all.


This is a typical Marlins move.


Trade a good, young OF'er when his value is at its lowest. Replace him by overpaying an outfielder who might give you similar production and is much older. And when the season hits its lowest point, trade him to the Dodgers, have them pay his salary, and take back 3 A ball prospects who'll never reach the big leagues.


I hate Loria. 



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Oh yes Byung Hyun Kim. The pitcher who pitched for the Dbacks. How can I forget that world series memory where he kneeled on the ground covering his face like a little girl after that Mommoth HR BY Tino Martinez to tie the game in the 2001 WS. Than later Marlins being Marlins picked him up. He sure had a home here. Marlins, HOME of the has been, and reject projects. LOL....IN other news the Marlins also managed to get Tino Martinez to manage years later...some say they also brought in Luis Gonzalez for a year or two, but thats just a rumor.



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