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Wei-Yin Chen


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He will be on the roster in 2020 and possibly even 2021. Why not repair that fucking arm in case he actually becomes useful in the future if Jeter's rebuild kind of works? I don't get why they keep putting it off.


He will be in his mid 30s at that point though. But I don't see how the current course of action is salvaging some value from that insane contract.


theres gotta be some thing the team can do if he continues to unsuccessfully put off the surgery.  1 year was one thing, but we're going on the 3rd year of this bullshit on a ridiculous contract.



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I know Chen is the extreme example, but each time I hear someone mention the idea that the Marlins should have just signed a couple starters instead of going through the building process my mind immediately goes to Chen.  The Marlins were never, under any circumstances, going to be a potential landing spot for someone like Darvish or even Arrieta (not saying I’d even want him).  The type of player that would even be an option is a player like Chen, who if you remember at the time he was signed, fit the description of what the complainers are currently calling for (“Hey lets sign some pitchers and make a run!”).  Seriously, no thank you. 


As infuriating as this whole thing may seem, I have a hard time caring about Chen specifically.  Whether he pitches now or not, he’s worthless to the Marlins.  In a best case scenario (like a miracle happened and he had a career year in 2018) I can’t see any other team giving up any asset of any value for him considering his contract and injury history. 



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Anytime Scott Boras complains about why teams are so hesitant to spend money on free agents nowadays he should be reminded of his own client in Chen. A perfect example of what teams are scared of paying for. 


If teams were more and more hesitant to spend money on the free agents then all the PROSPECTS would lost the goal to work hard for,and it would be the ENDING of this industry…



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This guy is so beyond selfish its nuts. I get that after he got hurt in 2016 that he may have been advised against surgery but once he came back after all that time and then went down with the same issue again, it amazes me that he spent another 6 months trying non-invasive procedures that we know won't work. 


He could have been 6-7 months into Tommy John rehab and finally on track to be fully healthy over the last 2.5 years of his deal. What a fucking prick.



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