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How do you think the playoff rotation shapes up? Luckily we were able to clinch with a few days left plus the off days before the series starts, so we should be able to make the rotation look however we want. It's a best-of-three to kick things off, so who are the three you'd go with and in what order?


I think I would go:





I think Mattingly will go:




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Shove with Sandy from the start and maybe go Sixto game two, but Pablo's not a bad choice either.

Hopefully we won't need a third starter for round one. Extra off day between series and then we won't need a fifth guy.


Also: we actually get to talk about this! Ahhh!

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We're on the same wavelength, gotta go Sandy Pablo Sixto.

Sixto has all the flash right now but Pablo, to me, is the backbone of this rotation and he showed a lot winning that Braves game. He also gave us 9 out of 11 starts of 5 innings, 2 earned runs or less. And would probably be more innings if Donnie didn't pull he any time he had more than 80 pitches.


Also Donnie is a shit game manager.

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4 minutes ago, SongInTheAir said:

"Sandy is the ace" is hilarious when Jose Ureña is still on the team. There's no one better. 

If the Marlins rotation was:

Jose Urena, Robert Dugger, Jordan Yamamoto, Nick Neidert, Humberto Mejia..

Probably the ace would be Mejia.



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