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Marte Extension? (The Continuation)


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5 minutes ago, hovertical said:

Didn't he suck when he was called up too? Or was it only for a handful of games?


33 games last year, 2 this year and he didn't do much but I wouldn't write him off. He was kinda rushed into action last year and while his offensive stats look pretty meh, he was credited with some good work behind the plate. Giants won a decent amount of the games he started I believe.

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Bart would be a real good get.

Quality backstop, aka the opposite of Alfaro. 

I still think he will hit and be productive.  Last year you cant read into anything and this year he hasnt actually been given a chance.

Its similar to my Cardinals in catching.  Some good prospects, but they havent had much of a shot to really prove themselves.

See what Carson Kelly has done in Arizona after getting moved. 

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1 hour ago, mk613 said:

Think if Marte really wanted to stay he’d Sign the 3yr deal..

He must be confident he can get more in free agency which I completely understand but then that takes me to my point from like a month ago... why say u wanna stay in Miami and then still want a big time contract because you won't get both, it's one or the other. If u want the big contract then say u want free agency but if u really actually wanna be a Marlin you're gonna have to accept a lesser offer. 

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