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Marlins, Alcantara agree to 5-year, $56M extension, pending physical


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Just now, SilverBullet said:

So they're about to agree to agree on a mutually agreed upon extension?

Do we all agree this is what he's saying? 

lol, I didn't see it reported anywhere aside from Mish/the Herald article that I don't want to make a "free" account to read, so didn't want to put it in "done deal" terms just yet lol.

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I wonder if this spending is a signal of the rumored salary floor that is going to be happening as well....

Regardless, glad to see the Marlins realize that you do have to spend a little money here and there.


Good sign for Marlin fans (and fans of all the cheap ass teams) if it is the case!



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1 minute ago, SilverBullet said:

So doesn't sound like any cheap hometown discount. It's a discount in the sense of buying out free agency years but Sandy is getting paid and holy shit Bruce Sherman's pocket does open when it wants to? Good sign there. 

And you know what?  I'm ok with that.

It shows the league/players that the Marlins do mean business and will extend guys at market rates when appropriate.

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  • rmc523 changed the title to Marlins, Alcantara agree to 5-year, $56M extension, pending physical

Good news.  Sandy is good and wants the ball in tough spots. 

Let's not lose sight though...this was reported days ago...and they are leaking info to take control of the narrative after losing out on Marte and Buxton in the past 24hrs.

Go get a Catcher and CF.

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So the 5 would cover 3 years of arb and then two additional years is that right?   MLBTR had him projected for around 5m in arb this upcoming season, and ballpark of ~15 for each of the next 2...     



So he'd have gotten 3/35 in arb anyway.  That leaves free agency years they're getting at (around) 2/20 (10 per year) or even if they go the extra year 3/40 (13 per year), either of which is really really good.


Nice to see them not screw it up sometimes!

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