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Marlins Public Enemies


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From ESPN.com ...


He may be on the rival team, he may be on your team. Wherever he is, every baseball fan has one -- the guy you can't help but hate.


Florida Marlins: Bobby Cox. Although the way Al Leiter is pitching, he's quickly becoming the top dog in the doghouse.


There's also a poll between who Marlins fans hate the most:




--- I was wondering, who does everyone think is/are the Marlins public enemies? My ranking is as follows:


1. Wayne Huizenga

2. Bobby Abreu (it seems the guy just KILLS us)

3. PNC Park (I know it's not a WHO, but C'mon!)

4. Chipper / Andruw Jones (I hate them both equally)

5. Gary Sheffield

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Well I wasn't here in 97' so Huizenga does not bother me that much. I hate chipper and andrew jones, andrew even more cuz when he plays against the marlins he looks like he is a superstar, incredible. And i don't like any of the phillies. Oh how about this one, David Wells. He talked smack about our club in his book didn't he?


Did he really? Shame on him. :thumbdown

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Huizenga DEFINITELY. If you are any type of South Florida sports fan you live to hate this guy. He has done nothing good for any franchise hes owned.


The one that still burns me is selling the naming rights for Joe Robbie Stadium to Pro Player?! Give me a break you money hungry pig!

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Who really hates Andruw Jones so much?



I do. I just wish I could erase that stupid smirk from his stupid face everytime he catches a ball in the outfield with the demeanor of someone having f...ing breakfast. If only AJ would plunk him right in the middle of the face with a 101 mph fastball in the 8th inning.... ohhh!!!!!!!!!!




I know, I know. I shouldn't be wishing bad things to happen to other people...

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Guest Juanky

Wayne Huizenga

Tom Lee

John Henry

Bobby Cox / Leo Mazzone

Any team in last place, or pitcher making their major league debut

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