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Aguila released


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I always thought he had some potential, and as it turned out if he had the full season he would have been a better option than anyone else last season in what became that morass of poop in centerfield. He's better defensively than any of the slugs that played there, and it wouldn't have taken much to beat the offensive production we received from that position. But it's not a big deal. Let's move on. I wish him luck.

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Might as well have RA follow right behind him


reggie actually has star potential compared to aguila's bench potential expect him to stick around another year


WHOA! You did not just say that. What baseball have you been watching buddy? Tell me, how can you compare Reggie Abercrombie to the likes of Chirs Aguila? If I were to choose between them both I'd boot RA in a split second. Let's think here for a second, Abercrombie actually had a chance, when did Aguila get that much playing time? Can you compare them defensively? No I think Aguila takes that by a mile! Hitting wise you give Aguila a whole year and this forum wouldn't even exist! It'd be another I hate Loria thread. I am not saying he is going to be a GREAT ballplayer. But he sure will amount to more than Reggie Abercrombie, write it down, I want you to hold this against me in the future partner. At the start of the season I thought Reggie had what it took, cause he reminded me of myself in high school, a football player who turned to baseball and excelled until I got hurt, Reggie's work ethic is not in question here, but it seems to me that he turned to baseball too late. Don't judge Aguila or Reggie, let's wait it out and see.

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