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Fredi Gonzalez to manage Atlanta Braves


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http://www.myfoxatla...ger-20101012-es ATLANTA, Ga. - FOX 5 Sports has learned that Fredi Gonzalez will be named the new manager of the Atlanta Braves, succeeding longtime skipper Bobby Cox. A source confirmed the news to FOX 5’s Ken Rodriguez on Tuesday evening. Gonzalez was most recently the manager of the Florida Marlins before being fired during the summer. Prior to that, he was the Braves third base coach from 2003-2006, and a minor league manager in the Braves' system in 2002. Gonzalez is also a confidant of Bobby Cox. News of Gonzalez's hiring is sure to be well received by the Braves family. Stay with FOX 5 Sports for more on this developing story.

Also http://www.ajc.com/s...edi-679397.html

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Worse kept secret in baseball


No kidding, the writing was on the wall as soon as we handed him the pink slip


There are some here who believe (myself included), that it was the writing on the wall which led to him GETTING the pink slip.


Gonzalez had one foot out the door even before he got fired.

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Can't wait to see Fredi ruin the Braves bullpen with his questionable in-game management "skills"



:notworthy The deer in the headlights look :blink:


That would be John Boles


For a while I was convinced that John Boles didn't exist and that was just a mannequin.

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