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4/12 Post Game


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Yeah it's been 10 games but something needs to chAnge. It's not like we are really blowing out other teams. Ever win was basically a nail biter. I dont care if it's as simple as changing the battin order as it has been mentioned or just a really good ass chewing . I just want to get out and have a solid performance from the whole team. Every night it's either the starting pitching is good but the batting sucks or vice versatile. Or like tonightt everything sucks, bullpen has been an exception this year and have been solid.

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I think Logan should be hitting 3rd for a bit.




Considering I doubt they'd move Infante down in the order, I wouldn't mind Morrison hitting 3rd and moving Hanley back to leadoff for a bit to see what happens.


Yeah I don't think they're gonna move Infante unless he really struggles. Ideally I'd like Hanley leading off with Cogs or lomo second then Gaby I guess. Hell maybe Lomo third but I doubt they'd go back to back lefties. Lomo puts the bat on the ball and walks, would be nice to have guys in scoring position for Stanton.

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It's a shame Sanches gets to pitch in the less meaningful innings, he's our best reliever right now.




More than likely because he's pitching in those situations.

It's not like the guy hasn't been one of our better relievers the last few seasons pitching in relatively important situations.


What has Webb and Mujica done to this point in their careers to be awarded those situations ahead of Sanches?

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