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5/9 Post Game


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Mad respect for Omar Infante. Getting the day off, but taking advantage of a chance to win the game with runners in scoring position. It's so rare that we see something like that. There's absolutely no question Infante is the team's MVP if we handed out the award today. Love Ryan Webb doing his best Cishek impression today. Don't blame Cishek too much for the blown save, but it wasn't his best effort.


Also, Giancarlo... what the hell were you thinking?

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big comeback after the blown save could have been avoided but the bullpen did a great job.


josh was a lot better tonight and idk if he was throwing 90-91 on purpose but if that gets outs while he searches for his fastball again then thats fine.


heath looked 20 times better. his fastball was not only 94-96 like it should be but he threw crisp strikes and had the nice downward plane on the fastball.


big pick me up from omar after the error last night.

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Heath Bell's outing was great. The hit he gave up to Schafer was just a little bat-throw at the ball that just happened to get past Reyes, and was erased soon after by an INCREDIBLE and, admittedly, unexpected throw by Buck. Absolute laser throw down to second.


Infante coming up clutch with a 2 strike hit was huge.


Other than that ... good pitching from JJ, especially his final two innings, and great work by the bullpen. Albeit the 1 run came at the second worst possible time in a game, they went 5 innings allowing just a run. Not bad at all.


Stanton needs to stop diving/sliding for balls out there unless he's absolutely sure he's gonna catch it or keep it in front of him. I've seen him have about a 3% success rate when he leaves his feet to catch a ball.

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Nice to get the win. Marlins are 5-1 in extra inning games now this season.


Don't blame Cishek for blowing the save (bad dive by Stanton then an unfortunate blooper) but Marlins now have 8 blown saves on the season-tied with the Rockies for most in the majors.


As has been mentioned, Marlins have never won more than 7 games on any road trip in franchise history. Nice to go on a long road trip and come back with just 1 more loss than you left with. Marlins only allowed more than 3 runs in 1 of the 9 games-excellent pitching.


Important note: From this point to the end of the season the Marlins have more home games than any other team in baseball.


Marlins went 3 for 18 with RISP in this game and continue to sport the lowest BA with RISP in the majors. That definitely has to improve. Marlins offense has only scored 5+ runs in 4 of the last 18 games-with the excellent pitching and terrible hitting with RISP every game seems like a pitching duel (even if the opposing pitcher walks 7 hitters in 3.2 innings--Zito).


Nice to see JJ come out and throw 7 solid innings--also nice to see Bell pitch in with a scoreless inning of relief in extras.


Not sure how much longer Murphy is gonna last before being sent down-went 0 for 6 leaving 6 runners on base. BA now down to .130...I guess the fact that 2 of his 3 hits on the season have been HR's really helps his case-especially since the Marlins have had a very hard time scoring runs with the lowest BA with RISP in the league. With 5 RBI's on the season Murphy still has more RBI's than Bonifacio (3) and coming into the game he had the same amount of RBI's as Reyes (who now has 6). So I could definitely understand the reasoning for giving him some playing time...I just don't think it's going to stick much longer (seems like hes only been given playing time due to the Marlins struggles at the plate).

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btw, can someone clarify for me what it means to win a game in "the final at-bat?"


i've always been confused by this, and the astros announcers said that they won in their final at-bat in last night's game


The last time the team comes up to bat. So, for the Fish, their last at bat was the top of the 12th, where we got the runs in. For them the game before this, their last at bat was in the bottom of the 8th, where they got that run in.

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