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4/20 Post Game


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hey bullpen came through today. not without a lot of sweating but I'll take it. Caminero & Dunn particularly, & yes okay Marmol with a nice K. and Slowey kept it close.


and great play from Hech in the 9th.


and huge props to Yelich who started off the 8th inning rally with a big leadoff double.


just an all-around team effort.



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Roof ° should be open when:


1) night game and no threat of rain

2) day game where temp < 90°

I don't think temperature is as big a factor as humidity. If it's 90° with no humidity it's doable. But, once you throw in humidity that's when things get unbearable. So I would say threat of rain and humidity under 30%, day or night.


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Did not think we would sweep the Mariners who came in struggling. What I hate about Cishek's streak is that it eventually comes to an end obviously. Huge play by Hechavarria, wonder if that will show up in his WAR or if he was badly positioned; Andrelton Simmons would have made a ridiculous play.

Scary how bad that call was at the plate, its one thing if its close but that was unacceptable. The umpire is the only one in the stadium who missed that.

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