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2015 Promotional Schedule


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Sneak Peek: Marlins 2015 Giveaway ScheduleMarlins.com/promotions


Miami Marlins Magnetic 2015 Schedule | courtesy of Leon Medical Centers

Opening Night – Monday, April 6th – All Fans

Braves vs. Marlins

No Photo Available (yet)!

* * * * *

2 – Next up, always deemed the most practical giveaway of every Marlins season…


Miami Marlins 2015 Calendar 

Sunday, April 12th – First 10,000 Fans

Rays vs. Marlins

No Photo Available (yet)!

* * * * *

3 – A Gold Glove Award deserves a giveaway! Christian will get the real thing during pregame festivities on Opening Day, but fans can get this replica on 4/26!


Christian Yelich Replica Gold Glove Trophy | courtesy of Pepsi

Sunday, April 26th – First 10,000 Fans

Nationals vs. Marlins


* * * * *

4 – Last year Julio The Octopus was represented as a giveaway item… but as we know, Bob always catches up with Julio…


Bob The Shark Sea Creature Plush Doll | courtesy of Avianca Airlines

Sunday, May 3rd – First 5,000 Kids

Phillies vs. Marlins


* * * * *

5 – Because all kids want to be a big as “Big G!” This giveaway comes in at a full 6′ 6″!


Giancarlo Stanton Growth Chart | courtesy of Fox Sports Florida

Sunday, May 17th – First 5,000 Kids

Braves vs. Marlins


* * * * *

6 – Look “B.P. Fresh”…


Miami Marlins Kids Batting Practice Jacket | courtesy of Stanley Tools

Sunday, May 24th – First 5,000 Kids

Orioles vs. Marlins


* * * * *

7 – Shop “green” while repping for the Fish!


Miami Marlins Recyclable Grocery Tote Bag | courtesy of MLB Network

Sunday, June 14th – All Fans

Rockies vs. Marlins


* * * * *

8 – In honor of his retirement, this will be a part of a Josh Beckett Appreciation Day! Josh himself will be here in the flesh on this day!


2003 World Series Replica Ring | courtesy of Fox Sports Florida

Sunday, June 28th – First 10,000 Fans

Dodgers vs. Marlins


* * * * *

9 – So You Think You Can Dance? Take home a poster featuring your favorite Energy Team members!


Marlins Energy Team Poster

Friday, July 10th – First 10,000 Fans

Reds vs. Marlins

No Photo Available (yet)!

* * * * *


10 – Drumroll please… here’s your chance to bring Planet Henderson to your home! Gotta love that old-time first pitch he throws!


Henderson Alvarez Bobblehead

Sunday, July 12th – First 10,000 Fans

Reds vs. Marlins


* * * * *

11 – Last year “Big G” and Henderson represented. Who will be our All-Stars in Cincinnati this year? They’ll be on this poster!


Marlins All-Star Poster | courtesy of Franklin Dodd Communications

Sunday, August 2nd – All Fans

Padres vs. Marlins

No Photo Available (yet)!


* * * * *

12 – Who should it be? Vote!


Marlins Player T-Shirt | courtesy of Miccosukee Resort & Gaming

Sunday, August 23rd – First 10,000 Fans

Phillies vs. Marlins


Which new Marlins player should the t-shirt be?

Ichiro SuzukiMichael MorseMat LatosDee GordonMartin Prado



* * * * *

13 – Big Bear’s big day! It may even have you dancing with Brett Butler!


Marcell Ozuna Bobblehead | 

Sunday, September 6th – First 10,000 Fans

Mets vs. Marlins

No Photo Available (yet)!


* * * * *

14 – The 2013 Rookie of the Year gets his own figurine!


Jose Fernandez Figurine | courtesy of Pepsi

Sunday, September 13th – First 10,000 Fans

Nationals vs. Marlins

No Photo Available (yet)!


* * * * *

15 – As if your fridge didn’t have enough swagger already…


Miami Marlins 2016 Magnetic Schedule

Sunday, September 27th – All Fans

Braves vs. Marlins

No Photo Available (yet)!



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Too bad bobbleheads/figurines haven't advanced more.  It would've been cool if it was a moving one and it did the whole special wind-up


​I like where this is headed...


A Marcell Ozuna/Brett Butler Handshaking Bobblehead Combo?


A Steve Cishek Sidearm Pitching Bobblehead?


A Dee Gordon Basestealing Bobblehead?


A Giancarlo Home Run Swinging Bobblehead?


A Saltalamacchia Striking Out Bobblehead?


An Hechavarria Missing A Routine Play Bobblehead?


Endless possibilities!



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  • 3 weeks later...

Not promo related but didnt want to start another topic for this - have any of you any experience in the Diamond Club seats at Marlins Park? I'm in Miami in September and going to a couple of games. For one of them I fancy splashing the cash and trying the fancy seats. Currently on Stubhub there are seats available in the first row of FL9 right next to the Marlins dugout on the 3rd base side or the 7th row in FL8 behind home plate. 


Any opinions on what are better seats and if they are worth it would be greatly appreciated. 



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