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Dunn and Hand on the Trade Block. Rangers Interested?

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Why would Dunn agree to a two year deal and then get traded? They feels like real sleazy work by the Marlins if they did trade him.


Hand and McKirahan makes sense. Any kind of prospects in return would be great. I like Hand, but he doesn't have a spot on the team and is out of options.



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I have no idea how to value Hand and McKirahan. Could we even get a top 10 Rangers prospect? I feel like anything we get will be mid-level reliever types and maybe a high upside low ceiling low minors IF


No way. We'll get a "prospect" no one has ever heard of. Think about who you would be willing to give up to acquire Brad Hand.



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Hand is probably worth more than many anticipate IMO.


​Maybe in a different situation. Teams know we basically NEED to trade him since otherwise he'd have to be DFA'd, so they'll offer a lot less because they and we both know that we're better off getting something than nothing.


Not at all. They could easily say, "Eh, we'll just give McKirahan back and go with our guy." And they'd be right to do so if it came down to it. Hand is a legit fifth starter and a lefty to boot... I actually prefer he stick around.



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