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The Marlins Are Bad, Organization-Wide

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As long as they sign Jose long term I'm good.  


Major drop off in production from blue chip players.  Oz, Morse, Shrek, and Cozart. Can even add Latos to the equation, but I think his early woes had to do with being injured. 


Also, every key player has spent partial time on the DL. It's insane. 


Personally, I liked every move the FO made before the season   My only complaints are Red and bringing in McGee, when they have Detrich just to be made an example of.  This team just needs a little tweaking.  If HA can come back and finish strong this half, then next year could special. I think he is the key.  



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The worst thing is that they built the Marlins Park dimensions to be a pitchers park as they stressed the pitching and defense side of the game over the past several years. Our pitching is poor bar a couple of studs with not much strong organisational depth and if we do sign a couple of big bats they could easily underperform compared to career averages given how not many homers are hit at our ballpark.



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