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2016 Marlins All Stars

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It's amazing that we have so many legitimate possibilities this year as opposed to just hoping a guy gets in. I say Jose Ozuna and Ramos, neither guy gets snubbed, they've been too good. Other Marlins deserve in but will be snubbed more so because we'll already have several all stars. "They have too many already" is a nice problem to have. Rodney probably gets in too if they kinda pick him more for his work as a Padre than his three outings as a Marlin. I know he wouldn't go in as a Padre but it reminds me of 93 when Sheffield started as a Marlin but had just become a Marlin weeks before and really got in for what he did in San Diego and only wore the Marlins cap as a matter of circumstance. I see the same happening with Rodney.



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