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Halloween Costumes


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What are you guys planning on dressing up as for Halloween tomorrow?


I went to Disney for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party dressed as a pirate.


I want to do something for work tomorrow, and I think it would be funny if I was dressed as Sarah Palin (I kinda look like her with the glasses and brown hair), but I am not sure if I should do that since I work at a school. Maybe I'll just go with a Tinker Bell shirt, my fairy wings, and some glitter on me.

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Going out with a group in 80's garb. I will be an 80's Metal dude, complete with Mullet, Mustache, Aviator's glasses Headband, Iron Maiden shirt, Ripped Jeans, etc....


Love it! I am an 80's geek.



halloween 2005


chingo bling:


lol I won 2nd place in a halloween chingo bling contest on chingobling.com that year.


and halloween 2006 some friends and I were this..... a "myspace top 8" as common myspacers


I still don't know what I will do tonight. I usually do something at the last minute.


Love it. The MySpace Top 8 is hilarious.




I decided to go to work as a pirate. I am taking advantage of wearing my boots since I was not about to do that at Disney. (Ouch... my feet would hurt.)

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