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Stanton in mix to make roster


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Production may overtake patience when it comes to deciding if Mike Stanton is big league ready.


The way the Marlins 20-year-old outfield slugger is performing has the Marlins considering carrying him on their Opening Day roster.


"Funnier things have happened," manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "Obviously, we'll sit down and make sure it's the right move, the right decision. But for me to say, "absolutely not," I can't do that right now. I can't say that he's not going to make the team. I can't absolutely tell you, 100 percent that he won't. We'll sit down and decide how that plays out."


There is a temptation to promote Stanton right now, especially after the way he's produced. On Wednesday against the Astros in Kissimmee, the right fielder crushed a two-run homer off Wandy Rodriguez and he added an RBI groundout. Overall, he is batting .333 with two home runs and five RBIs.


Another factor are some health issues in the outfield. Cameron Maybin and Cody Ross have been nursing left groin strains. If say, Maybin, is slowed down to the point where he isn't going to be either ready -- physically or performance wise -- then Ross could move to center field. In that scenario, Stanton could factor in playing right field.


"There are a lot of guys who came up in the big leagues as 19 and 20 year olds who have had Hall of Fame careers," Gonzalez said. "I'm not ruling that he's not going to make the team."


From an organizational standpoint, the plan entering Spring Training has been to start off Stanton in Double-A, where he had 299 at-bats in 2009.


For the Marlins to promote Stanton this quickly, a number of factors must be addressed.


"Generally players will tell you when they're ready or not," Marlins president of baseball operations Admin Beinfest said. "I know that he's looked good. It's hard not to love him, and look at what he can do in his future. But we've got to do what's best for him. Is the breaking ball recognition and all the things that we want him to be confident in, are they ready to go?"


There are some health issues, too. In the Arizona Fall League, Stanton was sent home with lower back stiffness. And he's had an issue with his left shoulder, which is repeatedly iced after games.


Then there is the fact that in 299 at-bats at Jacksonville last year he hit .231, although he had 16 homers and 53 RBIs.


"There are a couple of things with Mike. He didn't dominate in Double-A," Beinfest said. "Then he's had a little bit of an injury issue. We wanted to make sure that he's strong, and he feels good. The rigors in the Major Leagues are tough on these guys. He's had some shoulder things off and on. We want to make sure that he's healthy, first and foremost. We want to make sure that he's comfortable."


The Marlins have had a strong track record of promoting young players. In 2003, Dontrelle Willis was 21 when he was called up from Double-A, and Miguel Cabrera was 20 that same year.


"How did we know when Dontrelle and Miguel were ready?" Beinfest said. "Or Hanley [Ramirez] and those guys in '06. Sometimes you are right, and sometimes you're wrong. Generally, they'll tell you."


One thing that is clear is Stanton projects to be in the big leagues, at least some point in 2010.


"It's all coming. He really wants to do well," Beinfest said. "He's a great kid. He's a student of the game. He's learning very quickly. His learning curve is shorter than the other guys. He's getting it. There are a lot of positives. Let him keep playing, and we'll see what happens."


Would the Marlins rule out Stanton being on the Opening Day roster?


"We never do," Beinfest said.

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"There are a couple of things with Mike. He didn't dominate in Double-A," Beinfest said.



Exactly why I think he should go back there and dominate for a few months or whatever. If Maybin and/or Ross aren't fit or ready to go, there are other outfield options. We'll see what happens though.

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Guest Guest

I hope he goes back to AA. If he crushes for 2 months, move him him to AAA. If he crushes there, give him a September call0up. But IMO he'd have to OPS something like 900+ for each promotion.


That's what I'm hoping for too.


It's nice that he's hitting the ball well (which shows that he's for real) but I think Gonzalez and Beinfest are jumping the gun here.


It would make more sense to call him up later in the season when presumably Uggla will be moved and Coghlan will move back to the infield.

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Sounds like the typical "blah, blah, blah" you always hear from front office personnel in regards to young prospects. I still say the odds of him making the opening day roster are not very good.





There's no need for him right now. The Marlins won't do this.

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It is kind of a delicate balance between evaluation and motivation when it comes to Stanton, and I don't really believe he'll be on the Opening Day roster and I suspect either does he, but nonetheless not coming out and saying matter of factly that his spring is already over is the wise thing to do, hence the kind of double talk you're hearing right now.


The Marlins are willing to invest time in him right now because it is hoped that investment will pay tenfold down the line, and there always is the chance, no matter how remote that he's needed sooner rather than later. I suspect from the line of questioning, this story is reporter driven and not something that fell in their laps because Beinfest or Fredi volunteered their comments at a press conference or interview.

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The only way I see this happening is if by opening day Cody or Maybin are out with injuries and Stanton just dominates the rest of ST.


Also I'm sure neither Beinfest or Fredi want to come out and say "yeah Mikes playing great but there is now way he'll make the opening day roster" as it would probably bring Stanton down a little bit.


On 790 last night they had Ketih Law on and hes was saying Stanton hitting homers while great is not surprising. He said he needed to either shorten his stroke or develop better pitch recognition as he doesn't make enough contact.

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No chance this happens. Beinfest makes it pretty clear without being obvious that he's not getting the call up. It's way to early to bring him up. He needs to perform better in Double AA longer (injury free) and he'll be on the team next year. Cody's replacement.

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No chance he is on our Opening Day roster. I view this as the Marlins reminding people that we have an awesome prospect after there has been so much talk about Heyward and Strasburg this Spring.




Exactly what I was thinking, Stanton hit his HR a day before Heyward did and there was absolutely no talk about it! But when Heyward hit his HR it was like " Wow look at that thats a why he's # 1" you know they need to give the Stanton some credit.


This is to remind the baseball world we have the # 3 prospect in baseball and hes exactly what we expected just how the braves and washington expected so much from their prospects.

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If they need another outfielder for Opening Day (assuming Maybin and/or Ross are injured) they can call up Petersen or Morrison. Although Morrison also hasn't had much more PA than Stanton he has shown more success at that level.


I think Stanton needs more time to develop before making any drastic moves.

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If you were going to wait for Hanley to dominate at Double A, he might still be there. Ramirez first major league season was hugely better than his last minor league season. I think for Stanton its the same. He might as well learn from this point forward at the maljor league level because let's face it, his worst will be better than Maybin's best. Ross in center and Stanton in right from day one.

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Stanton stands out in scrimmage

Whether he is on the main field or a back field, Mike Stanton is makig an impact.


The heralded Marlins prospect had yet another impressive performance on Sunday. This time, it was on Field 2 of the Roger Dean Stadium complex.


In a B Game against the Mets, Stanton went 2-for-3 with a walk and three RBIs. The slugger ripped an RBI double to right-center in the first inning off lefty Pedro Feliciano. He also walked, but was picked off first.


The Marlins won, 7-0.


In his third plate appearance, he stepped up with the bases loaded. The Mets were throwing R.A. Dickey, who throws a knuckleball.


On a 2-2 offering, Stanton delivered a two-run single.


"You've got to put the ball in play," Stanton said. "There are no excuses if you don't put the ball in play, regardless if he is a knuckleball pitcher or he's throwing 120. You've got to."


Stanton, 20, says he has faced a knuckleball thrower before. It was last year at Double-A.


"You just have got to be patient," Stanton said when facing a ball that is fluttering at him.


In his final at-bat, he struck out. But overall, it was another strong performance for the right fielder, who is making a case to make the team.


The Marlins are weighing whether Stanton is ready to make the big league leap. Most likely, he will open again in Double-A. But the way he's performing, it wouldn't be surprising if he gets called up before the All-Star Break.


Vinny Rottino connected on a solo home run.


-- Joe Frisaro

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If Stanton does make the team, who is the odd man out in the outfield? If Stanton were to make the team, Cody or Uggla would be traded, unless Maybin goes back down to AAA.


I still think Stanton needs more experience in AA. I like our defense in CF and RF - Cody and Maybin are both really good.

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Stanton won't make the team even though he is making a strong case. If Maybin is still injured befor opening day, I see Petterson, Cousins or Miller more likely to take over(depending on who produces the most in ST).


If one of the three outfielders gets hurt, I suspect a Carroll/Bonifacio platoon is coming, with the team keeping Jai/Petersen/Cousins around until the injury is over.


It's not going to be Stanton.

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More Stanton hype.




Florida Marlins' Mike Stanton learning the ropes, but he's got plenty of power







The idea of having top prospect Mike Stanton start the season in the big leagues might seem far-fetched considering the 20-year-old power-hitting outfielder hasn't seen a lot of big-league pitching -- or even many at-bats at the Double A level.


But Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez again praised Stanton on Monday, and said first-base coach Dave Collins told him he thinks Stanton could be a ``25-homer, 90-RBI guy'' just learning the ropes.


Stanton struck out three times Monday against the Twins but also belted a two-run home run off left-hander Francisco Liriano -- his third blast of the spring. Stanton, tied with Brett Carroll for the team lead in home runs, is now 6 for 19 (.318) with seven RBI and eight runs in five games.


``The thing is, he's hitting major-league pitching,'' Gonzalez said. ``He's not hitting guys that are A-ball pitchers or stuff like that.''


Stanton, named the third-best prospect by Baseball America, said he is still giving away too many at-bats.


``I feel fine, but I'm still not where I want to be,'' he said. ``At least I'm recognizing it and realizing it so I can keep working on it.'



Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/03/16/1531309/stanton-learning-the-ropes-but.html#ixzz0iJOZ2CkN


Can't wait for this kid to get here, whenever that may be. I know his strike outs are a problem and that people say he needs to improve his pitch recognition but I wonder how much better it will/could get. Are there any examples of guys with crazy power like him who K'd a ton in the minors and got much better in the bigs.

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Yeah, I can't wait to see him in the big leagues either, but for the start of this season... I just want to see Maybin get off to a good start, Coghlan pick up where he left last season, get some more consistent starting pitching and go from there. If Stanton goes down to Double A and dominates there for half the season and then we get an injury to Ross or Maybin or Coghlan... the kid might come up and that will be exciting stuff. Other then that... I can wait for when his time comes.

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Can't wait for this kid to get here, whenever that may be. I know his strike outs are a problem and that people say he needs to improve his pitch recognition but I wonder how much better it will/could get. Are there any examples of guys with crazy power like him who K'd a ton in the minors and got much better in the bigs.



There are probably many more guys who K'd a ton in the minors who never improved. With Ryan Howard, it doesn't matter. with some guys, they can't become much more than average/slightly-below-average hitters, especially if they play 1B/3B/LF/RF.


That said, what I love about Stanton is that he could also very well bring above-average RF defense, a huge plus.

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The only player I've been able to find that showed as much power as Stanton as a teenager as well as having a strike out problem was Russell Branyan, and Branyan struck out a good deal more than Stanton. Most of the guys (Andruw, Griffey, A-Rod, ect) struck out at about an average rate.


Here's one name I just came across. Jim Gentile


A ball-

Gentile: .270, 34 HRs (537 AB, 19yo)

Stanton: .293, 39 HRs (468 AB, 18yo)


A+ ball-

Gentile: .314, 26 HRs (462 AB, 20yo)

Stanton: .293, 12 HRs (180 AB, 19yo)


AA call up same season-

Gentile: .233, 8 HRs (120 AB, 20yo)

Stanton: .231, 16 HRs (299 AB, 19yo)


Gentile was a year older, but their averages and HRs were basically the same. I was real surprised that I'd find somebody who matched Stanton so well in AVG/HR, and meet the caveat of A, A+, and AA in 2 years. Don't know about strike outs, strike outs weren't recorded in the minor leagues back then.


For some reason, Gentile wouldn't make the majors until he was 26. He'd absolutely DEMOLISH minor league pitching for years until he made his debut. He'd only play for 7 seasons, but would hit .261/.370/.489/.859 with a 137 OPS+ (To compare that number to someone this day and age, Hanley's career OPS+ is 138) and average 31 HRs per 600 PA

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