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Morrison gets chewed out by Edwin


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MIAMI GARDENS — Logan Morrison got an earful Tuesday from manager Edwin Rodriguez, who wasn't happy when the injured outfielder ran on the field to celebrate the Marlins' victory in the bottom of the ninth inning Monday night.


"We had a conversation, a very mature conversation,' Rodriguez said. "It was - How do you call that? - a monologue, with his eyes open.'


Morrison went on the disabled list last week with a sprained left arch. He had the cast removed Monday afternoon, but the foot is far from being healed.


Rodriguez didn't see Morrison leap up the steps and celebrate with his teammates after Omar Infante's two-out single. But after being alerted by a team trainer, Rodriguez went to a video monitor to see the replay.


"When I looked at the picture, there he is, right in the middle,' Rodriguez said.


By then, the players had left the clubhouse. So, Rodriguez's first order of business Tuesday to talk to Morrison. He wouldn't share exactly what he said.


"You don't want to know,' Rodriguez said, rolling his eyes. The gist of it: "You have to be smarter." Rodriguez said Morrison got the message.


Post-game celebrations are a delicate topic for the Marlins. Last July, Chris Coghlan suffered a season-ending knee injury while celebrating a walk-off win.


"Chris Coghlan last year and now Logan Morrison,' Rodriguez said. "We can laugh now - nothing happened.'


The Marlins, who have nine come-from-behind wins this season, have had a few on-the-field celebrations, including players applying the shaving cream pie-in-the-face, which is how Coghlan got hurt last summer.


But Rodriguez noted that even those celebrations have been toned down.


"I like it. Times change,' he said with a laugh. "We have to make adjustments."








I didn't even think about that when I saw LoMo celebrating on the field. Good to see Edwin taking it seriously and not wanting another setback on his recovery. The last thing the team needs is another pieing incident.

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I saw Lomo and thought well I guess hell be ready when he gets off the DL. It was dumb though.


Really not surprised Hanley didn't sign the cast but I do wonder if he couldn't due to some contractual obligations with a company or agency .


I've heard that argument before and I know that he does have contractual obligations over autographs to certain memorabilia companies, but there has to be an exception for charity, right?

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