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5/14 Post Game

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Both offenses were shut down today.



Indeed, thankfully Mike Stanton's line drive base hits have the ability to be HRs.

Rigglemen said off the bat he thought it had the trajectory of a single hahaha.

One of the Nats commentators said that they had never seen a ball reach that part of the park before, not even on the bounce.

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great pitching by anibal and for leo its not always going to be 1-2-3 but he got it done and that shows a lot.


as for the ball hairston hit at the end, was it just me or did anyone else think he hit it much harder? my heart stopped for a second.



I thought it was hit much better. It sounded decent. Harriston was the last guy I wanted to see up there.

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Phillies just lost -- Marlins back to two games back in the standings.


Hanging on in there...



We're up 2 games in the WC


Lets not even look at the WC until we're a good 130 games in.

As long as we stay a handful of games behind the Phillies, were going to be at or very near the top of the WC standings.

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Add a good sp or have volshit/vazcrap learn to pitch and this rotation becomes very very good.



Voly is fine as a #4 or 5. We need to replace Javy.


Thing about Volstad is he brings consistent mediocrity, or so it seems. I'm never scared to have him on the mound, but I know what to expect.


Javy scares me. He has the potential to just lay an egg.


There's room for one but not both.

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