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As Loria's world turns


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Remember this? When I said 1/2 or more of the 25-man would be gone in a year?




Some (but not Admin) doubted it. Here's the 25-man as of 4/26/13:


Olivo GONE

Green GONE

Pierre GONE

Kearns GONE

Coghlan GONE

Qualls GONE

Nolasco GONE

Valaika GONE

Polanco GONE

LeBlanc GONE

Rauch GONE

Ruggiano GONE

Sanabia GONE

Mahoney GONE


Slowey GONE - later resigned as FA to Marlins MiLB - not on 40-man

Brantly GONE - sent down to Marlins MiLB - still on 40-man










Turns out I was wrong, 17 of the then-active 25 are gone, I guessed 14 would be gone. Only 8 guys, 10 counting Brantly and Slowey from that 25-man are still in the organization. I was right that less than 10 guys were "guaranteed" to be here this year. Maybe 6 are locks for this year. Gotta love it. 76% of that 4/26/13 25-man are history.


At the time, there were also:

Morrison (DL) GONE

Kotchman (DL) GONE

Hechavarria (DL)

Alvarez (DL)

Eovaldi (DL)

Mathis (DL)

Turner (MiLB) - not yet called up

Yelich (MiLB) - not yet called up

Marisnick (MiLB) - not yet called up

Ozuna (MiLB) - not yet called up


Lots and lots of turnover. Of the larger group of 35, about half are still here, about half gone. A good thing considering what was on the 25 and 40-man rosters about a year ago.

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And while im not saying its a worst to first change, its that much turnover that has me excited for this year.


We may not be a contender but we are definitely not the same team as last year.




And there may now be enough pop in the line-up to go along with great pitching (assuming that it doesn't fall apart) to turn it into a much better season than most expect. Who knows? Marmol might even figure out where the strike zone is.


Watching last year's "highlight" games is just depressing. This year can't possibly be anywhere near that bad because the worst of the feckless are gone. Not all of them, but maybe enough of them to wind up with a significantly better result.

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Anyone else trying to figure out what the point of this thread is?


Isn't it obvious?


... is trying to stroke his ego over something unimportant and negligible while also defend Jeffrey Loria at the same time.

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Sounds like you. Less the Loria portion.

That's a dumb thing to say. I never pat myself on the back when I'm proven to be right on something after time has passed.

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Guest Vince0926

Also the marlins played 28 games in which they lost by giving up less than 3 runs. Now last year I said if we can score 5 a game we would win a bunch. If they scored FOUR in those 28 games , add that to 62 and you guessed it, we would have tied with the reds for the second wild card spot. I hope this makes us feel better considering that yes, we have improved our offense and showcases how dismal our offense was last year. Pitching doesn't need to be better this year, just needs to be as consistent.

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Aw, geez, some people are never satisfied.


I was pondering the turnover and remembered that I had said something about that back in April last year. So, I looked it up: "Look on the bright side -- 1/2 or more of the current 25-man roster won't be here a year from now."


Could be up to 19 of 25 gone if Solano and Koehler don't make the team. 17, 18, 19, doesn't matter, it's all a good thing, relatively speaking.


I'm certainly not defending Loria. He was clearly much more responsible for last year than this year. And we're still stuck with Dobbs, who is apparently the left-handed version of Helms, for 1.7 mill. What a giant bargain he is now that we have a ton of other veteran, good "club-house" guys like Furcal, McGehee, Baker, Jones, Saltalamacchia, Bogusevic and Marmol. Whatever would we do without Dobbs? Does he have pictures?


And, no, I'm not Samson. But, I did stay in a Holiday Inn at some point maybe 30 years ago.

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Whatever would we do without Dobbs? Does he have pictures?


Speaking of Greg Dobbs and photo blackmail, anybody else absolutely convinced Dobbs is gay? Like, it's totally obvious. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Sorry for being off topic.


Back to baseball, I have no problems with Dobbs being on this team. The good thing is this year he won't have to focus on getting consistent playing time. He is almost exclusively a pinch hitter on this team, and that's what he's best at. If he doesn't hit, just release him.

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