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4/3 Post Game


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Maybe it's just a small sample size...

McGehee, Stanton, Ozuna all among league leaders in WAR (TOP 8). Hechavarria is 17th in WAR. McGehee and Stanton have the most RBIs in the majors, Stanton leads the majors in runs scored, Stanton's plate discipline seems to have improved greatly.

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Won't keep this up but I don't see it falling into 2013 territory.


2013 was a place that no Marlins offense has ever been and likely won't ever be again.


It's obviously a super small sample size, but I'm proud of our offense right now. I don't remember many games last year where the offense would show any kind of fight when down in a game, and this team's done it two games in a row. The Rockies pitching has to do with some of that, but last year we were making god awful pitchers look like Cy Young Award winners.


There's not a chance in hell Adeiny continues to hit half as good as he did today, and McGehee is a surprising positive, but the offense isn't nearly the kind of black hole that it was last season. It feels like McGehee could potentially be a Cantu kind of find for us.


I know it'll be easy to trash Turner after the game he had today, and his stuff appears to be as hittable as ever, but I'm impressed that he was able to give us 6 innings today. You're not always gonna be on your game, so it was nice to see him eat up some innings while keeping the game manageable enough for the offense to mount a comeback.


It's the first series, so lets not get ahead of ourselves. There's going to be series in the very near future where our offense looks horrid and we're going to complain and bitch and cry and moan about how much it sucks. But that's baseball. We're gonna have a ton of ups and downs. It's great to see this team take a great step forward in the first series of the year. Even in the one loss there was a lot of positives to take away (outside of the errors of course).

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