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Worst Trades, Signings and Draft Picks in Marlins history

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I was thinking about Latos's next start and wondering if he's going to be another one of our Bust.


So with that said, I like to see what most of us fans think the worst trades, signings and/or draft picks.  My list...


1) Miggy - this one hurt the most... we got Andrew Miller and a retiring Maybin for him, the rest was trash


2) Sheffield - not signed


3) Heath Bell - Bust


4) Salty - Bust


5) Derek Lee - Bad move - got a useless asian player forgot his name


6) Livian Hernandez - I thought this was a terrible loss.  He had a very strong career


7) Rafael Furcal -  Big Bust ... he simply robbed the Marlins (at least horrible Garrett Jones got to play)


Honorable mention:  John Buck - even though he didn't cost us much...I just couldn't stand seeing him at the plate.  Pure Definition of a MLB automatic out.  



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not that he was an all-star or anything but the Hopper came back in the Miggy trade too right?  Just wanted to say that he can't really be considered "trash" and sadly was probably the best piece we ended up getting back. 


​Yes he did.



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As useful as Burke Badenhop was, when he is the best piece you get back for a guy like Miguel Cabrera...


Latos is not a bust, not yet. He's been doing a bit better each time out. I don't think he'll be worth what we gave up, but keep in mind DeSclafani wasn't the pitcher he is now with our pitching coach. He learned a new changeup from the Cincinnati pitching coach, he wouldn't have had that pitch or his current success with us. 



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Chad James


Kyle Skipworth


Brett Sinkbeil


Jeff Allison


Aaron Akin


Jamie Jones


All of these guys were first round picks by the Marlins who did absolutely nothing at the MLB level.


Then there are other first round picks like Josh Booty, Jeremy Hermida, Taylor Tankersley, Matt Dominguez, and Chris Volstad who appeared in plenty of big league games but were never or still aren't good.



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Worst Trades


1. Miller-Maybin trade : Dombrowski's big trick. All players that moved from Tigers are busted.


2. Infante-Anibal trade : Dombrowski cheated again.


Worst Signings


1. All big contracts after Guillen was hired. (Reyes, Buehrle, Bell, etc. and even Guillen himself) : Without the plan, to squander money didn't Fish style.


Worst Picks


1. Jeremy Hermida : No high, no juiced but he was busted at last. I cannot find any big problem on him.


2. 2005 1st round picks : Cause of Benitez and Pavano, we had Five 1st round picks, but all of them are busted. What a waste chance.


3. Brett Sinkbeil and Kyle Skipworth : At Greensboro(A), we already have been known their futures. Too early busted.



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​how did this end up being a horrible trade for us?????  - aside from perception from the folks who don't really follow baseball and just look at names being traded instead of the talent coming and going....


​...I was kidding lol. I wanted to see who would jump on me for it. You win!



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