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Anybody follows every game like me ?

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I watch about 85% of the games.  Yesterday I set my tablet on my desk & streamed it.


My 14 month old son is addicted to Marlins baseball.  He love baseball, but he's crazy about the Marlins. He has a Marlins hat that he waves at the tv all game long.



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I do, every game. Mostly on gameday on mlb.com 


As I live in Brazil and don't want to spend on MLB TV this season, this is pretty much the only way to follow the games. I've watched the 2 or 3 games shown on cable. Baseball is not very popular down here, so there aren't that many games on TV. Marlins games are really rare. 



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This year I've probably watched less than fifteen games, thanks to all the trades I focused on hockey through the Stanley Cup finals, now there's the College World Series, so probably in a few weeks I'll watch a few more. I still get updates on my phone so I'm aware of how they're doing, just not overly interested in the process at this time



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