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9/14 - Phillies at Marlins - 4:10 PM

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1 minute ago, hovertical said:

on a non-jizz note, I don't know if any of you look at the 'power rankings' on ESPN very often for fun but they're really insulting the Marlins right now with their most recent slop.  They have the Marlins at 19th...behind the Brewers, Reds, Cardinals, Giants, METS (16th), and Phillies (13th)

Hahaha. Yeah, even if the Marlins were in first place in the NL East, they would still have the Braves 2-3 spots ahead..

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Just now, Photo-Realistic Billy said:

Hey all! Just wanted to pop in and say Neidert should've started this game, and it's bullshit he didn't; Donnie should be fired for losing this winnable game.


I know right? What a dick!

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