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10/2 - Marlins at Cubs - Wild Card Series Game Two


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13 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

If taken off roster during a round, you become ineligible for the next round. It is to prevent faking injuries for in-series roster moves. That's a rule that was already in MLB before 2020.

Ok fine that makes sense but they should be able to prove it's not fake in circumstances like this one. Aren't there x-rays to prove the fracture? The Marlins shouldn't be limited in their roster moves when they have a legitimate injury that can be proven just because they wanna prevent others from cheating.

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with all the delays MLB experienced to get the short season even started and due to the fact they're going to wrap up the po's at a neutral site anyway....it made ZERO FACKIN' SENSE to play games in locations without ROOFS for any part of the playoffs. just stupid all the way around.  way to go MLB.

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37 minutes ago, SirFishFan said:

In other news, I just discovered that Chad Wallach is only 28. 

I never paid much attention and for some reason I thought he was in his mid 30s and probably too worn down to play everyday.

He’s a few months younger than JT.



Y'all been sleeping on Wallach for years now. When he was getting regular playing time in the minors, he hit the piss out of the ball, routinely put up wRC+ over 120. And if he's even just an 85 wRC+ hitter in the majors, his framing and game-calling make him an excellent backup and maybe even a fringy starter.

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1 hour ago, SonOfJack said:

2:08 pm on ABC today for anyone confused by all the possibilities. 

There's only one other game today and it's at 7 I believe, they could have moved our game to 4 or 5 pm especially when they've proven they have no problem changing around game times and even dates for no reason. 

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