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NLDS Post-Game Thread (Game 2)


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Below is a comparison between Wallach and Alfaro from September 22 to the current date.  


(W) 4-2 vs Braves,

(W) 4-3 vs Yanks,

(W) 5-0 vs Yanks,

 (W) 5-1 vs Cubs, 

(W) 2-0 vs Cubs, 

(L) 5-9 vs Braves,

 (L) 0-2 vs Braves 


(L) 4-5 vs Braves,

(L) 1-11 vs Braves,

(L) 4-9 vs Braves,

(L) 4-11 vs Yanks

Wallach saved the season, while Alfaro basically gave it away down the stretch.  No thanks, I'm sure to Donnie on this one.



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1 hour ago, SonOfJack said:

We need @No Limit Marlins Commander for today's must win game.

I think the Marlins starting lineup could use a talk from him more than us.

We’re all pretty good at showing up and cheering for the Fish during these games.

Time for the Marlins bats to show up, otherwise the Marlins offseason will begin in around 8 hours from now. 😂


P.S. I just imagined No Limits Marlins Commander giving his motivational speech to the Marlins lineup and saying “grab your left nut”, and Jesus Aguilar responding “Hey Man, I do dat ery a bat, 🤪.” 



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