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  1. he's gone and done it now ..... 3 HRs in April are going to completely skew his slow start statistics making next April even more panic mode if he starts slow again
  2. Great move by the Jets
  3. Must be the power of posting Sanabia in a Saguaros hat!
  4. The marlins are sure getting a lot of press - a 20 year recap with the rockies, a jest piece on how loria can be more fan friendly, I heard a jeremy schapp radio 30/30 segment on the way home, now HBO getting into the mix ......... most of this national slant is of course very negative and I expect HBO to be more of the same What a difference a year makes.............
  5. still 12 outs left - manager make a strong decision swapping the hopes of offense for defense at this point, although Nolasco has done well with the bat and olivo is olivo plenty of time left to make a charge, but expect the phils to bunker down and get their infielders ready to deflect any offensive threats the marlins can muster still plenty of time on the pitch though
  6. at least there is some tension in a soccer kind of way ......... fear and dread of falling behind 1-0, let alone by multiple runs
  7. I really want to like Mike Redmond and in a low expectation season it seems like I could.............. but he's making it really difficult Not sure why Brantley wasn't swinging there with what was yet to come up - amongst other things I actually don't have horrible memories of '98 .... I was living in Philly and got to see some games, generally had a good time and beside being taunted by philly fans about "buying a WS" - it didn't matter, because less than a year before I saw the team I like win the WS I think this year may be the most trying as a Marlins fan and I fear we are just getting started
  8. who says stanton doesn't have protection ........ you walk him, you have polanco to deal with and polanco delivers! I'm sure teams have learned their lesson now. I believe he can now be called a cagy veteran that is shielding the young phenom ................ anyhow - solano, brantly & hech needing to come through and put the team in a position to get a run .......... while I'm not confident they even get to the point where we get to see who hits for Rauch, let's say I'm hopeful for something good
  9. Tell me more bout this sac bunt. I'm on gameday As am I ... seems pretty easy to follow though Kearns walked, so they had JP bunt him over to 2nd while down 2 runs ........basically working to get 1 run in ........ love that we have a corner OF that is being used to lay down sac bunts in the 8th inning of a 2 run game *edit* - just saw the Erick note ............ ugh still sad that an attempt to get on with a bunt is the best option they have from their left fielder
  10. who says stanton doesn't have protection ........ you walk him, you have polanco to deal with and polanco delivers!
  11. the photos on ESPN for the game are kind of sad as well ......... seems like half of them are to highlight the stands, where most games you get shots of the actual game http://scores.espn.go.com/mlb/photos?gameId=330409128&page=1
  12. watching the highlight of the HR the place looks about empty ........... seems less than a typical batting practice crowd yikes
  13. Yeah .... I like Beinfest, but I'm not quite sure why ..... I know there was some good dealing in 2003 and I've defending the team a lot for the couple years after that championship - but they didn't execute well when the drew the team down and really never seemed to meet what you need to do to build a team like the one you want Let's go back to 2005 when they promoted Michael Hill .... this was also the year of the pitcher heavy first round - scanning transactions and trades it looks like they did a good job of consistently finding short term help to the bullpen, have constantly been searching for stopgaps in the rotation due to prospects not panning out or being hurt and generally have gotten poor value when quality players leave
  14. and apparently they escorted this guy out of the lockeroom for gathering seemingly positive comments about attendance from the players.............. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/jeffrey-loria-s-toxic-rule-isn-t-enough-to-keep-marlins-from-decent-fan-turnout-in-home-opener--045059373.html;_ylt=AvKy3gvRM_kCNMFhJZ1ZnOcRvLYF;_ylu=X3oDMTN1YW5tMWI0BG1pdANGRUFUVVJFRCBNZWdhdHJvbiBNTEIEcGtnAzQ4MjFkYjQyLTg1ZGItMzZhOS1hMWUyLWQ3NjNjZWI1NmVlYgRwb3MDMQRzZWMDbWVnYXRyb24EdmVyAzBkNTg3YmIwLWEwZGYtMTFlMi05ZGZkLWRlNmMxNjQwMGY5Mw--;_ylg=X3oDMTFoODgyNmttBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANtbGIEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnM-;_ylv=3
  15. I really don't know if this team has an eye for talent or that they can spot the lost young prospect. Maybe at a time I bought into that. Now I lean more towards their business model pushes them in that direction where they need to take a chance on a young player and simply ride the wave of some work out/some don't At this point it seems like their success rate is pretty low for guys targeted both in the draft and trade - granted it's going to be low for most organizations, just the nature of the game For as many players they have brought in over the past decade it's almost sort of sad they are sitting on only a few top level prospects at this time In 2003 they drafted 50 players - 4 touched the majors with no one really being worth much In 2004 they drafted 50 players - 6 touched the majors - Jason Vargas has been serviceable elsewhere and Tank was OK here - I like Brett Carroll, but yeah.... In 2005 they drafted 55 players - 9 touched the majors - combined war of 3.1 - this was the great first round pitcher draft ... man it would have been nice to have a top 10 pick in that draft, anyhow even with what they had it didn't work out so well .... the highlights are Vostad, West, LoMO In 2006 they drafted 52 players - 9 have made the majors - a pair of first rounders didn't work out although some still have hope for Cogs (hey, I do...) .... cousins, raynor, etc ........ hopefully Sanabia can turn into a contributor 2007 was a lot better - 50 players drafted and only 5 who've made a MLB appearance, but 2 of them are definite keepers ... Stanton & Cishek are enough to carry this class to a successful view .... Dominguez at 12 doesn't excite, but I wouldn't say it was a bad pick given he showed MLB level talent for at least half the game .... however, that is cancelled out by moving him for a no point rental in carlos lee .... I'm not a big believer in Dominguez, but would rather see him getting starts than Polanco 2008 - 50 drafted, 5 have made it up .... still somewhat early on this class, but it looks like Hand is the only one who could potentially contribute ...... skipworth at 6, why couldn't the giants have taken the CA kid at 5 and left the FL kid for the marlins at 6?! From here it starts to get difficult to judge some of the clases, but here goes 2009 - is there anyone to really get that excited about? 2010 - this looks better with Yelich, Realmuto, 2011 - Fernandez looks legit and hopefully someone emerges with him 2012 - I really like Heaney and hope someone can join him as well So things definitely do look like they are getting better and some of the players they got back do provide some hope .... however, this team didn't have one of the worst systems in the majors a couple years ago simply because they "promoted everyone good" .... they also missed a ton 2003 was magic and was accomplished with a lot of young players and traded pieces ..... 2006 was a lot of fun and had much of the same formula It's awesome to see a guy like Hanley come in and flourish, willis take over a city, cabrera show such flash, stanton hit bombs, cody ross be a gritty fan favorite, dan uggla show as a HR bombing rule 5 exception .... they've even had a string of relievers come in for a quick career boost and with fans more apt to really embrace those stories you kind of minimize all the misses it took to find those guys and that how when the dust settles you're still not really in that good of a position
  16. yeah, the last thing I'd worry about is how a very young pitcher does with a bat in his hand in his first go around looking at a major league pitcher it would have been nice for him to get the bunt down in the 2nd - it would also have been nice if JP didn't strike out on 4 pitches right after him his next time up in the 4th he put the bunt down on the first pitch just the way it should be then he struck out on 3 pitches - there were two outs though and most pitches aren't going to have favorable outcomes in that scenario ..... if it was an inning later they probably PH for him in that scenario so overall you'd like to see him be consistent with the sacrifice, but he still executed 1 out of 2 ........ he also looked really good on the mound, which is by far the most important thing I was watching the Mets broadcast and they were all over the infield in ......... basically as soon as everyone moved up they started talking about how unconvential a move this was, that typically you would play back and concede a run if needed but you don't want to lose a game on a single and then how they really couldn't recall seeing it done before then of course you had the game winning hit right at the tail end of that conversation I didn't want to watch the replay to see if it would have made a difference, but it was annoying enough to have them harp on it and then see a ball sneak down the 3rd base line to end it
  17. watched this one and it went almost as expected .... unfortunately on a day where we had good ricky and not-dominant (but still pretty dang good) strasburg the marlins never really threatened watching the team it looks like stanton is ready to play, JP was a pleasant surprise in how amped up he still was - he played pretty well and had his compete level up, kotchman looks like he'll at least add some plus level defense coghlan didn't look lost out there, which is an improvement over his post rookie form .... hopefully he can keep a good approach and get better results, but I definitely agree with having ruggiano out there - if for nothing else his "i got this" tweet .... maybe the staff is trying to get the best out of both by having them compete directly with each other in a platoon - who knows .... but i'd rather see justin more often than not while being hopeful of cogs I think the pen will be good this year - i'm just concerned that the marlins will wear them down between a "#1" that will on occasion implode himself out of a game between a couple guys who at their best are 6 inning starters and a rookie on an innings count Polanco looked terrible and I'm not enjoying him on the team ........ hopefully they can get something cooking soon to replace him, have this stopgap be temporary Fun listening to rich & tommy talk up dobbs.......... overall this looks like it's going to be a rough year .... just so much needs to happen favorably and the breaks will have to go the marlins way more often than not to even be somewhat respectable in the standings onto game #2
  18. Wait, you mean this team had no depth beyond their dubious starters ....... This is the season we are in for ...... Fernandez is young and i hope the FO really thinks he's ready from a maturity stand point ..... Here's hoping .... I choose to be excited that we get to see one of the top pitching prospects in the game test his stuff and develop while having willful ignorance to the reasons why he's there already
  19. Gregg Zaun is only 41 and has had a couple years off so he should be fresh - plus as a commentator for the bluejays he should know be familiar with all his new teamates as opposed to having to learn all those pesky new players in toronto
  20. there is little confidence in anything to look forward to when you get to this point of desperation as a franchise it's because you've done many things wrong along the way - it shows a lack of vision and ability to look forward by the organization - the people aren't changing and they really don't seem to be the type to learn and adjust so all they are doing is completely devaluing their franchise in an effort to stem the bleeding from essentially a self inflicted wound their incompentance isn't that they are running such heavy discounts & promos for opening day - it's that they put themselves in that position to begin with
  21. I wouldn't weigh too much on that OppQual stat. I haven't actually seen the actual formula yet so I'm not sure how reliable it is. It's also worth noting that in spring training a hitter might be facing big league pitchers but not might actually be seeing big league pitching. These are exhibition games so pitchers are experimenting and might not be closely adhering to scouting reports. Yelich wasn't in an environment where opposing pitchers were actively seeking to figure him out. And, of course, the sample size is tiny. Exactly - in spring training it's more about "me" and less about "you" ..... everyone is focused on what they need to do to either get ready for the season or just make the club .... for established guys who are secure in their place and don't need stats, many just try to get their body right, get back into the grind, see if some of their adjustments can translate, etc ........ with pitchers, many are trying to get stretched out, work on locating, get comfortable with their velocity and tweak secondary pitches Just because the name on the jersey is legit and you are facing them - it's not the same as facing them under the bright lights, with some kind of scouting report, playing true situational baseball where they attempt to use their strengths to make you beat them with your weakness That isn't to discount all of ST success or say that top line guys can't be a difficult matchup even in ST, but it's a world different Not to mention that the mark of a professional is over the long run, how do they adjust to the adjustments to be consistent over time That's one thing that I always liked about Stanton - it seems like he'll have streaks where teams adjust to him and attack certain points and it works for a stretch, but he keeps working and adjusting and limits the effectiveness of that adjustment ....... I'm excited to watch Yelich come up at some point, hopefully this June and see if he can do it at the major league level .... Seems for the most part guys at the lower level haven't really gotten over on him for any prolonged stretch
  22. exactly - it's more promotion and trying to attract an audience on a whim .... not necessarily a bad idea, but shouldn't be in a long line of desperate moves for the opener as far as free/discounted seats, it's not sustainable and doesn't draw revenue over time for the reasons mentioned above - people get used to the discounts and what typically happens is those who are actual fans will hold out on standard deals to wait for the super deals ....... i've personally had franchises offer me the opportunity to buy seats in any quantity anywhere in the stadium for any game at the discounted group ticket price, pretty much 50% off single game tickets .... so I bought a pair for the games I was planning on going to anyway i've seen a few events offer fill the house free tickets and what they typically draw are not fans, but people looking for the event/scene ..... it's those who aren't planned out and just go and party ...... a lot of pre-drinking and then just wandering around the stadium already drunk being obnoxious with no real long term opportunity to convert them into a regular sale a major league franchise gate depends so much on it's season ticket sales - both full season and packages ..... provide discounts for a commitment and draw that solid, long term, engaged fan who will then value some of the extras you can sell however, this ownership group has pretty much killed their opportunity - just completely tone deaf
  23. this got a good 3-5 minutes of play last night on local sports talk on my drive home with the predictable angles
  24. 25,000 for baseball tickets. Wow. I know right, it must be nice However, that's the going rate these days - works out to be $154.32 per game over the 2 years ..... more expensive than here in AZ where like seats go for about half that price and the most expensive seats run $10k a season Although we don't know all the extras included in those benefits .... looking at the marlins site it appears that they would be field level seats - FL9-11 ....... most likely row AA in FL 11 as those seats are listed at $155 per game on a full season are are called all inclusive seats, which according to the marlins includes All-inclusive seating includes complimentary food, soft drinks, beer, wine and one complimentary parking pass for every two seats purchased. That would put it back in line with some other places real quick
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