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Hensley Designated


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Ugh :/


There must be something that they know which we don't. Otherwise, it seems like a peculiar move.


Good luck in all of your future endeavors, Clay! One of the solid relievers we have had over the past few years. I'm sure he'll latch on with another team soon.



It's really not difficult to understand.


They're not going to pay Hensley ~$2 million when he's likely not even one of the seven best relievers in the organization, with or without Leo Juan Carlos Nunez Oviedo.


It was pretty obvious this was happening.

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my heart stopped for a minute...I thought it said "Hanley" designated



I just came to say this as well...


Every time I see this thread title I read 'Hanley' and it scares the sh*t out of me. You've failed twice in two days gizzy. Make it say Clay Hensley!



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I thought it was funny in all the interviews I saw with Bell, when it was mentioned he would now be playing with guys he knew from his time in NY and then in SD, he mentioned everyone but Clay. Then I noticed in an interview the next day with Guillen, and then later in the day with Beinfest, both of them talked about the pen, and neither one mentioned him. I thought it strange and that he might be the odd man out.

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