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Marlins sign Michael Morse to 2-year deal

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At the least this is an upgrade at first over Jones, is a better fit in the lineup than Headley would have been, we don't lose any prospects or other key players, it increases our power, and he'll make a better cleanup hitter than McGehee. This doesn't make us a worse team so I don't see how we can't at least give this a thumbs up.



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I can't give it a thumbs up because the moves the team has made leads me to believe they want to win now. A morse signing isn't really a win now move especially in our infield.


I'm happy they upgraded (by a little), just not thrilled with the choice.


Fair assessment, thought as I asked Wild Card, what would you have done at first base if you were in the FO?



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Being disappointed that we signed Morse yet hoping we would've signed LaRoche is really weird. They're similar players.


Morse just looks worse because he's had issues with injuries, in part because he's been asked to play positions he's had no business playing.


Morse will be fine at 1B. He's much better than Jones in the sense that he can play every day if he stays healthy. Morse hits both lefties and righties as opposed to Jones who's just a mediocre platoon player.

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