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10/2 - Marlins at Cubs - Wild Card Series Game Two


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1 minute ago, CoastieMike said:

Um pitches aren’t thrown anymore for a IBB?


1 minute ago, marlinsmaniac said:

Who do you see Donny going for in the 7/8/9?

Yimi in there somewhere.  Kintzler for the 9th, because closer.


Hoyt for the other?

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Just now, SilverBullet said:

These broadcasts make it sound like no one should be happy if the Cubs lose.

Marlins deserve respect. They don't deserve to win...any team can win any game.

You would think Cubs fans would be the first to get that. And you would think the announcers would feign excitement.

Oh. Well...i guess they better go out there and "win the whole F------ thing."

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1 minute ago, SonOfJack said:

Marlins fans don't exist, remember

Even then, this is a playoff game on a nationally televised game... there are MANY people watching this game who are fans of neither team and who are just watching to watch postseason baseball.

I wouldn't be shocked to hear the majority of viewers aren't actually Cubs or Marlins fans. 

So to me that's even more reason to call it fairly as if it's a good fun game between two competitive teams. 

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