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How many games do you attend a season?


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All home games? A few home? A few home and away?


Or maybe even all games?


Because of the mass amount of games do you get to many? Over here we only have 23 home and away matches and i go to all home and the occasional away and these are saturdays and occasional tuesday nights.


I would applaud a frequent goer of baseball.

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I go to about 8-10 games a year, but it really depends on matchups and my schedule and stuff.


For instance, Last year I went to

Johan vs. JJ,

Halladay vs. JJ (perfect game)

Lincecum vs. JJ

Leake vs. Volstad.


The better the pitching matchup, the more likely I am there.

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when I lived in South Florida, 2

since I moved up to Jacksonville, probably 2 this year (I was down for opening day)


next year in the new stadium, though, I'll probably head down for a few weekend series. thinking like 10 games next year.

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Went to 3 in Atlanta vs the Marlins last year. Like Enterthemadness, im also in NC.




You're in North Carolina? Is NC State a good school? I've been offered a graduate assistantship there.


You haven't researched it yet???? LOL



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I go to school in Virginia but I make it a point to attend most of the National/Marlins series it's worth the drive as we usually beat up on the Nats.


When I am back home around summer time I like to catch some I usually go to around 5 at home.


So about 8-10 total, hopefully it's more once I come back to Florida for my masters degree.

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I normally average about 10 games a year. Although this year and next year will be tough as I'm moving to North Carolina also in August. By the way nice to see so many marlins dans in NC, glad I won't be the only one. And on the NC State/Duke comments. I'm going to be living in Chapel Hill and attending Duke so I'm sure Mystikol can see how that may be a problem lol.

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