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Ozzie Promises Drastic Changes


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Ozzie in his post game interview promised drastic changes will be made and they will be contemplated during the "long six hours flight".


Let the speculation begin?


I think it's going to be lineup shifts and position shifts. LoMo to first on a platoon basis, Peterson into LF platooning with LoMo, (6 games a week for LoMo) Hanley in the two hole with LoMo hitting third and Stanton dropped to 8th in the order with reyes at 7th. Bell will probably be sent to the DL with "lower leg" problems.


Sanchez playing time diminished until he picks up 3B again and starts hitting.

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He just might put Petey in LF for a while and let Giancarlo sit on the bench and let the whole superstar thing settle down.

He didn't come right out and say it but I think he's talking mostly about Stanton when he says guys aren't making adjustments.

He had a couple of good swings on Sunday but back to flailing on Monday.


I think it might do him some good to be replaced for a series or so.

I hope he comes around, I'm a big fan.


Right now, my Mets and even Reds fan friends are having fun making the Marlins the laughing stock :(

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i wouldnt mind trading for a solid outfielder and putting morrison at first and sitting gaby. though i like gaby's defense his approach and swing anger me beyond belief.


i love when he just flails at a high fastball and then places his bat and helmet on the ground and makes the stupid stern face into the camera while taking off his gloves.


.......and then swings at the same pitches the next time up and makes the face all over again. i wanted him gone all of last off-season.


This is the same guy Mike Lowell said could "smell the rbi". my ass.

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Playing Gaby only against lefties might not be a bad idea. He really hasn't done anything since the 1st half of last year and his career #'s against right-handed pitching are extremely mediocre, anyway (.730 .OPS).


It's tough right now though because based on what Ozzie has seen, I'd imagine the main one he's talking about not making adjustments is Stanton.


Bonifacio could also see his playing time diminish against lefties if he continues to strike out at will against them.

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I like Petey, he can cover the OF very well and has a great arm. But can't see him just suddenly jumping in the lineup and giving us much spark offensively. He's not really known for his bat. That said, can't be too worse than what Cogs was doing at the plate. Kinda saw this change coming anyway.


I don't mind LoMo doing some 1st. You can run Dobbs at 1st too some or LF and RF.


Gaby -----> .205 avg OBP .234. Ouch. Not going to put it all on Gaby though, it's pretty much across the board sans maybe LoMo and Infante.

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Guest Guest

I think it is unfortunate that Coghlan was demoted, because a platoon with him may have worked well.


Huh? How?

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