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low attendance

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sport guy ch 4 say  sunday attendance was lowest their seen few year aqt marlins park 10.000 was at that same


I don't buy that. This year the Marlins are reporting actual attendance instead of tickets sold. Which I always thought they should have done.


I have seen less than that before.



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People in Miami will only go to Marlins game when the Marlins are "cool" or "hip" or "the talk of the town." All these whippersnappers in Miami are making it cool to hate on the Marlins so of course no one is going to the game. It wouldn't be "cool" or "lit" when you can go see the "Miami Heats" a few blocks away.


Language in this post provided by me being, apparently, 65 years old. 



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sitting and staring at the roaches crawling out of a pile of trash is more entertaining than the product on the field at this point so numbers are going to be historically low for an MLB team this season.  I don't blame the fans one bit either.  It's a waste of money to go.


I don't live in Florida any more but I made the choice to not renew my Extra Innings package with my cable provider this year for the first time in forever.  I'll resort to being a boxscore follower for MLB.  Sadly, the only sport left that I'll watch now is hockey (Goodell tanked the NFL experience for me too).



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Pretty sure most teams have dynamic pricing these days based on opponent and day of week.


I understand pricing by day of week, but I'm against pricing by opponent. I understand it's based on the demand, but for the Marlins it invites crowds less favorable to the home team because it's the only opportunity Red Sox/Cubs/etc. fans have to see their team, but just another (more expensive) game for Marlins fans. We might as well start selling opposing team merch at our ballpark.



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They really need to have tickets for $10 or less in some part of the ballpark no matter who the opponent is. I think casual fans would show more resistance to ticket prices than concessions. It might take a bit of convincing to get people to come out to watch the Marlins pay at all, but if you can creative incentive with low ticket prices, fans would cave and buy overpriced concessions while already in the stadium.


I believe the Angels do something like this, but it makes even more sense for a team like the Marlins, which struggles to be competitive and has a troubled history with fan loyalty.


I think that if Jeter were savvy, he'd make the Marlins an affordable form of entertainment while the team is shitty and has zero marketable stars. This would build some fan interest. And if he has confidence in his rebuilding plan, it would pay off tremendously if the team actually starts to be decent a few years from now.


Let's face it. The product on the field right now is not at all fun to watch.


TBH The Cubs and Sox series were fairly entertaining. However, I don't disagree with you.  I think it will be a shit show going forward.  We started to see that with the first game against the Phillies on the road.



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