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2013 bold predictions


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Stanton cracks 40 HRs while batting around .280 and a .950 OPS.

Turner leads team in wins with 14-15

Polanco will bat around .285 and Pierre around .280

Lomo will hit 20 HRs if healthy

Yelich joins team in July, will OPS at .800

Cishek will have around 32 saves

Marlins will finish with 71 wins

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Marcel Ozuna sees time on the major league squad this season. Same with Skipworth.


Jose Fernandez dominates from the first day he enters the majors. (I'll probably regret this post later)


Logan Morrison doesn't suck completely.


Stanton struggles.


Mike Redmond doesn't hold batting practice naked.


Chris Volstad will sign with a Japanese team, plunk Nyjer Morgan with the first pitch he throws, and eventually start another bench clearing brawl.

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We will surprise everyone and make it to the one wild card playoff game, but probably won't progress further.


Loria will then sell the team and head out of town with his bags of money and that leprechaun Sampson, and we'll have a good owner for the 2014 season who will sign Stanton to a 5 year deal.


I approve this message.

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