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2020/21 off-season

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Don't need to acquire a closer, because Yimi Garcia is the best closer. 

Don't need to acquire a RF, because Lewis Brinson is the best RF.

Don't need to acquire a catcher, because Jorge Alfaro is the best catcher. 

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9 hours ago, Photo-Realistic Billy said:

That's a very good point. Y'all need to keep in mind the Marlins minor league system is pretty much better than it's ever been. Even back when Miguel Cabrera and them were in the minors, that was a very top heavy system. But this current group of fellas has talent stretching from Triple-A to the DSL. 

And what that means is that meaningful reinforcements will be arriving via minor league talent. It's not something we're accustomed to as Marlins fans. But Rays, Yankees, and Dodgers fans are used to a new face coming up and blasting dingers or tossing smoke.

The Mets haven't got that, not even foundations for that, so they are trying to trying to bandaid with free agency and trades. And history suggests the strong minors approach is the long-term best approach. The Marlins are almost at that point, almost about to be over-stuffed on MLB-calibur players.

I mean, imagine if both Brinson and Mags take another step forward this year -- not to All-Star levels or nothing, but solid, everyday MLB players. Meanwhile Triple-A will have Bleday, Encarnación, Harrison, and probably even the forgotten guy, former first-rounder Brian Miller.

Folks, we shouldn't be stressing about free agency. Just between the Marlins and the Jumbo Shrimp, we might be dealing with an outfield logjam. We might want to be worrying about that!

I can't wait to see this message board when we're trading away talented guys because we have no place for them.  Some of these folks will lose their minds. 😂

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2 hours ago, cyoung said:

I can't wait to see this message board when we're trading away talented guys because we have no place for them.  Some of these folks will lose their minds. 😂

For whom ?

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2 minutes ago, F***Jeter said:

Here is a poison pill many don’t want to eat.

Most our prospects are not very good.

From Brinson being a complete bust to Jazz being at best a mediocre hitter at every level of baseball he has ever played.

Jeter messed up this rebuild. When your first priority is “how cheap can I be?” You miss when others dump their trash propects on you.

Traded away 4 All Stars and not a single impactful position player after 3 seasons.

That should have the entire front office and scouting department canned. The Mesa brothers are garbage as well.

You see great young players like Acuna and Soto and the Marlins guys can’t sniff .200.

Jeter has failed at almost every job he has had.

TV deal? Failed

Naming Rights? Failed

Putting a quality product on the field? Failed.

Jeets was unqualified for this job and only got it because Sherman is a fan boy.

Sherman needs to understand he needs to start competing with the Heat and Dolphins locally and they are franchises who typically go after the best.

Go get Theo and bring in the best players.

It’s an uncapped sport so there are simply no excuses.

Jeter can always sign autographs for 25 bucks a pop for 81 homes game.

At least he will he contributing.



So. My spidey senses tell me that this this is a fake account...or at least someone from this forum who thinks they are making a point...

...But I'll bite.

I'm not sure it is fair to call this rebuild messed up...we are in the rebuild still.

The pitching looks like it could be something...conversely...Yes...players in this mix...Dias, Hector, BA, Jazz, and Bleday need to take a step forward. However, let's not call 23, 24, and 25 year old players mediocre. I bet there are talented players in this group. Now, is it enough to compete with Braves, Nats, Phils, and now Mets...I'm not sure. Alfaro and Brinson seem like they have had enough ABs to show me who they are...and Marte and Rojas aren't getting any younger. Then guslys like Dickerson and Coop...while they are decent pieces...

The failure to secure a TV Deal and naming rights is absolutely embarrassing. And while the "negotiations" are on-going...the fact you can't sell a sport because no one wants to watch...oof.

How does one sell confidence when they clearly can't afford to chase a FA or take on payroll because they are operating a shoestring franchise? I don't know, I guess you do interviews explaining you don't think about timelines and talk about the importance of winning.

So...F***Jeter...I am sure you agree...just because people question the on field product and how the team is being manage doesn't make them impatient lunatics. Nor would they want to appear that way... As purchasers of a product they should hold the manufacturers of said product accountable. 

The fact is the Marlins have alot more to play for than other teams. They are a laughing stock and the butt of a joke. Similarly, the Mets and Cohen recognized they have an image problem... now they are actively fixing it. Reminding Jeter that blustery language will not reshape this franchise is not some sort of Hot Take...and to just give him an open timetable because he said so...well...I don't know what that is...simp?

I am using his words...I expect to win. 

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I'd love to know who it was that created that account lol

Some valid points in there for sure though.

They're clearly not idiots running the organization though, and that's coming from someone who still disagrees with how Jeter handled the whole taking over the organization including some of the trades.  whatever, we've moved on from that point and can't change that now.

They've done an admirable job with getting the minors built up with a lot of depth but nearly all the batters seem to be replacement level MLB talent at best,and many of them are getting to be a bit long-in-the-tooth to still be considered a 'prospect' at this point.  I have zero hope for Harrison, Brinson, or Diaz at this point.  They all look pretty lost at the plate and turn 26, 27, and 25 respectively, this year.  And as the fake account pointed out, they REALLY struggle at the plate, hitting at or below .200. 

They've done a much better job with pitching talent so far but man, they REALLY do need to get a proven bat in the lineup. I do tire somewhat of just sitting around and "hoping" that those 'prospects' above sort themselves out.  Out of all the FA's this year and next I still can't fathom a better fit for this team overall than bringing back JT even if it's a bit of an overpayment.  He would bring a proven bat and would only enhance our biggest asset which is our pitching staff.  Would just like to see them bite the bullet and get a deal done. I'd feel a lot more comfortable going into next season.  How often can you drastically upgrade your lineup and pitching staff with one player??  Also, Alfaro would likely work as a tradeable asset. He's certainly shown enough flashes of talent for another team to want to trade for him.  Bringing back JT is almost as much of a no-brainer as it was to pick up Villar last year.  Would far rather have him than picking up some higher end BP arms. Overall impact would just be much greater.

It's also still mind boggling that since this park has been built NOBODY has secured naming rights through two ownership groups now.  That's just insane and a failure all-around. 

TV deal...something needs to be done.  I still hope, like many of you, that they get inventive and their rights go to a streaming platform like Amazon, etc.. Calling Mr. Bezos. would you like to be part of an ownership group?  = ) 

Again, I really like the Ang hiring  and they have made the minors much stronger. I just listen to the rhetoric about letting the outfield sort itself out, let the kids play, etc, etc. and I think sometimes that will never change and they won't actually pick up any bigger name proven FAs that could plug some gaps without costing prospects. 

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I said at the start that I'm giving them through the 2022 season, and given the pandemic and such I'll extend that a year through 2023, so the FO can garner that sweet, sweet WBC money that year. We would have had it this year. That would have drastically changed things in terms of who we could or couldn't sign, trade for, etc.

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4 minutes ago, Erick said:

We did make the playoffs last year so I’m giving the front office a pass until we suck again.

Ha. So matter of fact. And completly fair. That really made me laugh.

I've said this before: I just want a sure...er...thing.

Perhaps UNironically, because fandom lends itself to blowhards...regardless of my own blustery language, I am giving this product a chance and buying it again. 

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35 minutes ago, F***Jeter said:

They wouldn’t have gotten in during a normal season.

The run differential shows that.

It doesn’t even matter as everyone in the east has gotten better  and Marlins are still running promos with Brinson as the main sell.


When fans come back later in the year, I laugh at the article where Jeter is being asked about the 2,500 fans in the park. And he says something like “it’s unacceptable we gotta do better.” As he trots out a 70 million dollar payroll. 

Ahh ... OK I know you who are now.

See ya.

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Just now, Photo-Realistic Billy said:

Can a middle reliever win the Zac Gallen award?

Yes but can also win the upcoming Stephen Tarpley award.


... also how do we still have Yamamoto?

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