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2021 Trade Deadline Thread


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1 minute ago, SilverBullet said:

So the Marlins suck again, time to trade away expiring contracts and replace them with the prospects... it's an annual tradition around here! 

Who's gone and who will be in their place?

Marte - Brinson/Mags/Monte

Cooper - Lewin

Duvall - Bleday or Jerar (but Conine stays in Beloit) or Monte

Aguilar - Lewin again (lawls) - actually Dunand

Rojas - Jazz (but Isan also)

Panik - Anderson (return from IL)

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BULLPEN: maybe Floro and Bass though they won’t get much ultimately, and probably Thompson. He’s pitched well and now could be a good time to sell high on that. 

Outfield: Duvall will get traded for a bullpen arm with closer potential but is still ultimately unproven in the 9th that they’ll groom to close. Marte will get traded for a good but far away infield prospect and a fringe MLB outfielder to take his place. I really don’t think they’re going to bring up any of the outfielders yet. Otherwise Monte/Brinson will take his place and they’ll acquire a pitching prospect. 

infield: only one of Cooper or Aguilar will be traded and the other will go in the off-season. Coop May even go back to the Yankees to replace Voit, though not sure what they have in the way of prospect power that could interest the marlins. Aguilar would go to an AL team and In keeping with their “never enough” philosophy they’ll acquire more pitching prospects for him. Mariners would be a good option so they can put Ty France back at second and Aggy at first then DH him as well. Lewin will take over at first. 

What I wish they would do is acquire a cornerstone 3B someone may be looking to offload from the books. Going forward I see that and C as the biggest holes on the team. It’s time they start trading for some immediate upgrades in preparation for next season. The staff is the best we’ve had since the 1997 team and they need to build on that immediately.


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• Package deals only, quality over quantity.  That means some of our prospects as well  

• Top ready to play prospects/players only.

• Three way trade partners if you don’t like the main suitors.  Better chance to get a player who is major league ready.

• No more fringy batting prospects.  They need to be consistent all around the board.  The farm is already heaped with average and busters. 

• Don’t trade just to trade.  Teams will catch on and we will lose strength in negotiations. 

I’m 100% sure Ng is going to mess this up.  I’ll admit it if I’m wrong.




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1 hour ago, CyggyMarlin said:

I wouldn't trade either one until Eder and Meyer are pretty much ready to go and Sixto is along in his rehab...


Meyer / Cabrera / Rogers / Sixto / Eder

I kinda don't trust Sixto ever amounting to much of anything after watching him get hit hard for most of the 2nd half of his season last year and when you combine that with his seemingly endless injuries and/or poor conditioning issues. 

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Some of this shit is wild. You people want to trade away our proven starting pitchers who are under club control for what exactly?

When we start oozing starting pitching, we can talk about making those trades.... I bet you we never do. Because baseball.

And we aren't trading away everyone in the starting lineup either, by the way.

Holy shit

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