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Willis to Yanks


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Beyond Clemens, the market hasn't defined itself. At some point, the Marlins are expected to shop lefty Dontrelle Willis. In the odd chance the A's flop - don't count on it - Barry Zito could be available.


"They are going to move Willis, but they would likely want (Robinson) Cano and (Phil) Hughes from the Yankees," an NL talent evaluator said of the Marlins.


That may be too steep a price for the 24-year-old Willis. As for Zito, A's GM Billy Beane has traded Tim Hudson and Mark Mulder to NL teams to avoid having them bite him. If he has to deal Zito, it likely won't be to the Yankees, who didn't nibble last year when the A's wanted Hughes as the centerpiece of a deal for center fielder Mark Kotsay.



lol...NY Post for yas.

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Too steep?!?!? More like a steal for the Yankees. Robinson Cano is alright, but Phil Hughes is not even proven yet! TOO STEEP!? MAN, this is not going to happen, someone tell the Yankees to get a pulse, PLEASE!


PLUS IF THEY TRADE WILLIS, who will they USE for advertisements, it's already a joke that every announcement they make involves Cabrera and Willis like no one else in the team exists (everyone at the sports bar gets a good laugh out of that.) It'll be ridiculous to trade Willis, that would just be a little too much when you are not even commited long term to a young all-star and still have him through his arbitration years, his price won't go up much, as his numbers won't reflect last years. The Yankees need to focus on Barry Zito and stop dreaming.

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Cano's the next Soriano for the Yankees, he's not going anywhere. There is plenty of other pitching available that they could trade for w/o having to focus on getting D-Train.


If Willis has a great year and we have plenty of prospective pitching that we could make up for and it was a helluva deal I think the Fish would consider trading D-Train. I'm not counting on it though

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